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110724 Daily Post Of JYJ Tweets

Omg Junsu, this is mean. ‘I love you’ does NOT make up for this X)
(Junsu, 7:45pm KST) Hwaiting to our department head of victory Lee Jae Eun!! I love you………..

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110723 Daily Post Of JYJ Tweets

Jaejoong shows off his friends~
(Jaejoong, 12:41pm KST) A family photo^^ My hyung and noona are awesome!

Of course they can’t just say ‘Jjang’ :P
(Him Chan, 2:01pm KST) #JEJUwithJYJ Kim Jae even smiled and gave us his signature! Jjajang to Kim Jae the superstar.. Jjamppong to his kind character.. (T/N: Jaejoong wrote “I enjoyed Sachoom so much~^^)
(Jaejoong, 2:04pm KST) @gentlechan Him Chan you were so Jjajang and cool! (T/N: ‘Awesome’ in Korea is ‘Jjang’ and Korean people sometimes say ‘Jjajang(Black bean noodles)’ as slang because it sounds similar. Him Chan says ‘Jjamppong(spicy noodles)’ which is another type of Chinese take-out food in Korea.)
(Him Chan, 2:09pm KST) @mjjeje Jaejoong you are more Jjamppong and cool than I am!
(Jaejoong, 2:10pm KST) @gentlechan If anyone else read this, they might curse us~ haha
(Him Chan, 2:17pm KST) @mjjeje They might be doing that already~ lol Fighting!! Work hard till the end!

..And suddenly they switch to Japanese ^^;;
(Jaejoong, 2:28pm KST)
@gentlechan Your Japanese at yesterday’s stage was really good! I was surprised (laughs) Work hard for today too~jjajang!
(Him Chan, 2:32pm KST) @mjjeje Really? Thank you! Also, thanks for answering by yourself yesterday! (T/N: I can’t be sure what he means but I suspect when Him Chan spoke in Japanese asking a question on stage, Jaejoong was the only one who replied)
(Jaejoong, 2:33pm KST) @gentlechan

He apparently runs a Chinese restaurant?!? X)
(Gun Young, 5:01pm KST) 
@gentlechan @mjjeje It seems the two of you have opened a Chinese restaurant??
(Him Chan, 5:46pm KST) @zerotic0124 @mjjeje Join us! You can be Tangsuyook (sweet and sour pork)!? keke Invest in our business! keke
(Gun Young, 6:97pm KST) @gentlechan @mjjeje An investment you say.. okay.. I’ll put in 50 acorns.. (T/N: Acorns are the ‘currency’ used in Cyworld to purchase music, backgrounds, fonts etc)
(Jaejoong, 8:04pm KST) @zerotic0124 @gentlechan All I did was start using Jjajang by dragging out Jjang! to Jja-ang! or Jjang Jjang! and finally changing it to Jjajang but I didn’t know things would get so out of proportion..

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110722 Park Yoochun Is Hard At Work For His New Album While Fighting Off Shingles

Actor and singer Park Yoochun’s bright smile has been revealed recently.

Celebrity Hong Seok Chun posted a photo of himself with Park Yoochun on his personal Twitter account on the 22nd that said, “I met Yoochun for the first time in a while. We had a fun chat as we took photos for his new album’s jacket cover at Leetaewon after ‘Ripley’ ended. Though he’s sick from shingles, this cool dongsaeng endured the hardships of falling into a swimming pool many times and I hope he stays by our side as a great actor and a great singer. Hwaiting Yoochun”.

Netizens who heard the news of him working hard regardless of the fact that he has shingles said, “He’s a pro”, “Of course, it’s Park Yoochun”, and “But I hope he takes care of his health as he works.”

Meanwhile, Park Yoochun received praise for his role as Song Yoo Hyun in MBC’s Monday-Tuesday series ‘Miss Ripley’.

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110720 Kim Jaejoong Says, “After The 7th NG In My Speech Scene, I Was Dripping With Cold Sweat”

When asked “Why?”, Kim Jaejoong gave an embarrassed smile. Everyone has been curious why he took up acting when he has already been recognized as one of Korea’s greatest idols and has also successfully completed his first and second directing role. He said, “I’ve always had the thought of wanting to act in my head. Ever since my Japanese drama ended, I’ve wanted to appear in a Korean drama.” Giving a great answer to the question “Why?”, Kim Jaejoong’s eyes suddenly lit up when he jokingly said, “Why did you want to become a reporter?”

According to one of Kim Jaejoong’s representatives, he received many love calls from large-scale productions but had to turn them down because the long-term overseas filming schedules clashed with JYJ’s World Tour. Kim Jaejoong said, “It would have been great if I could have started a Korean drama earlier, but the timing didn’t match up.”

He said, “Since I’ve decided to take on acting, I’m going to do my best,” and “I’m working hard on my singing as well as my directing.. and I want to do things that will best demonstrate our capabilities. Because I believe that our interest in learning is our talent, I think that it’s great that we keep trying out new things and we’ll continue to do so.” During the conversation, he would say ‘we’, even when he was talking about himself.

When we threw the question “Are you confident?” at Kim Jaejoong, he replied with, “What happens if I say I am but end up not doing well?” He continued to say, “I’m not confident that I will show our viewers perfect acting as an actor. Wouldn’t it be good enough for me to mesh well with my fellow cast members?”

He smiled and continued to say, “We’ve filmed for the first and second episodes and filming the first time felt different from filming the second time. It’s like I’m slowly getting used to it and taking it one step at a time,” and “So I think that at the beginning, the viewers might feel a gap in my acting as I do well in some parts but not in others since I was like that while filming.” He added, “I’d like to show an improvement each episode and at the end, I’d like to become an actor who is on equal footing with the other actors.”

Kim Jaejoong, who has been unable to film outside often due to the continued monsoons, chose the speech scene in which he made seven NGs as his most memorable moment. He said, “My lines were really long,” demonstrating that his lines were a string of difficult words that resembled a tongue twister.

When egged on with, “Wasn’t it really difficult?” Kim Jaejoong said, “When the cameramen were filming the scene at a full-shot, the lines flew out of me so smoothly but when it was my turn to get a head-shot after all my seniors, my mind went blank. My pronunciation kept getting tangled up like in ‘She sells sea shells’ and once I made one NG, they kept coming. I’ve never made that many NGs at once,” and “I was planning on not saying this because I’m so embarrassed by it.”

He said, “Luckily, the staff members gave me words of encouragement like, ‘Jaejoong, we’re on Mu Won’s side,’ so the atmosphere was light as we filmed. If I was an actor with a lot of experience, I would have asked for filming to be stopped and started when I was ready, but I felt so bad because I’m the youngest. After the fourth or fifth time, I was dripping with cold sweat. At the sixth NG, I shouted out, ‘It’s too hard!’ When I finally completed the scene, the other actors clapped for me.”

When asked, “Isn’t he a little different from you?” regarding his drama character, who is quite different from his usual self, Kim Jaejoong smiled mischievously and said, “Do you know me personally?” Because of his unique character, the conversation we were sharing felt more like tea time than an actual interview. He said, “I am pretty funny,” and “Cha Mu Won is approachable but there’s nothing he doesn’t know. He knows everything about the world and has great insight. He’s very knowledgable.”

He continued to wittily say, “Another point is.. that I’m not a prince. I’m more like the guy-next-door while he’s really sophisticated. He just oozes royalty. His clean-cut actions are slightly far off from my personality since I’m not that royal at all. But he and I do look alike.”

Regarding the fact that he will be living with a tightly packed schedule for the next couple of months as he films his drama, Kim Jaejoong showed his determination as he said, “My stamina is still overflowing and I’m determined. Yoochun’s been telling me that I’m going to have a hard time. And not be able to sleep.”

Luckily, the atmosphere on location is better than most. Being taken care of by Ji Sung and Park Young Gyu, he and everyone else buys meals or snacks for each other. Recently, Kim Jaejoong hung out with Ji Sung and even slept over at his house. Choi Kang Hee never forgets to ask him how he’s doing and takes care of him.

Talking about the great atmosphere, Kim Jaejoong repeated several times, “It’s so good that I’m worried.” he confessed, “This is the first time I’m taking on a domestic drama, and the staff and fellow actors are so great that I worry that it won’t be like this in my next production. If you see only nice things in the beginning, won’t it be really hard the next time?

He also added, “I think I’m really lucky. I was really lucky during my Japanese drama too. When you film for a drama, if the chemistry between the actors isn’t great, then the production will never turn out great. But everyone is so nice to me and it feels like a family.”

Ji Sung, who plays the role of the mischievous, playful and unruly conglomerate successor Cha Ji Hun, is said to have said to Kim Jaejoong, “I’ll do all the comical things and you can do the cool stuff.” But Kim Jaejoong said, “Though I myself admit that my character is cold and says cool things, Cha Ji Hun is so charming that I don’t think I’ll be able to appeal to Choi Kang Hee later on.”

Kim Jaejoong said, “I’ve never felt greedy about securing a leading role and I still don’t. What’s important is making that character come alive. I want to be recognized as a supporting role who can make their character come alive first. I don’t feel the need to use my fame to secure a leading role.

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110721 Kim Junsu To Debut In Dramas With Guest Appearance On “Scent Of A Woman”

3-man group JYJ’s Kim Junsu will be making a surprise appearance as a popular singer in the SBS weekend drama “Scent of a Woman,” officially making his debut in dramas.

On 21 July, Kim Junsu’s Fancafe “Star of Asia – Xiah Junsu” announced that “Kim Junsu will be making a special guest appearance in “Scent Of A Woman,” and they are looking for fans to participate in the shooting of popular singer Kim Junsu’s fanmeeting scene.”

Also, “As this is a scene that shows passionate support, we welcome those with loud, resounding voices and for people to prepare placards to attend.”

This scene will be shot on 28 July, and there will be 400 fans participating on this day.

Also, “Scent of a Woman” is a drama starring Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Wook, and will begin airing on 23 July.

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110720 Park Yoochun Is Suffering From Shingles, At His Worst Physical Condition Due To A Packed Schedule

JYJ’s Park Yoochun(25) is currently suffering from shingles.

A representative of Park Yoochun stated on the 20th, “Last week, we discovered while filming for MBC TV’s ‘Miss Ripley’ that he has shingles. Though his face is away, he has hives across his chest and back,” and “It happened because his immune system weakened due to exhaustion, stress and malnutrition from filming almost every day of the week.

Park Yoochun ended filming for ‘Miss Ripley’ on the 18th and has been receiving treatment while continuing with his schedule, which includes filming for a CF. “The doctor said that the best thing for him would be to rest and take a break, but because he already has a set schedule, he is unfortunately completing his activities while receiving treatment.

Regarding the fact that Park Yoochun wasn’t able to attend the ending party of ‘Miss Ripley’ on the 19th, the representative stated, “He was filming for a CF but his condition worsened and he sweated a lot,” and “He really wanted to attend the party but with weeks of exhaustion stacked up and shingles, his body was in no condition to go anywhere. We’d like to apologize to the staff for his absence.”

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110720 JYJ’s ‘Found You’ Is Chosen As The SDA’s ‘Most Popular Drama OST’

JYJ’s ‘Found You’, the OST for KBS 2TV’s ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’, has been chosen as the Seoul Drama Awards’ ‘most popular drama OST’.

According to the Seoul Drama Awards(SDA) on the 20th, ‘Found You’ came out on top with 19,071 votes in the ‘Seoul Drama Awards 2011 Popular Drama OST’ online poll that was held from June 29th till July 20th on Cyworld.

‘Found You’ is a love song that talks about finding the love of one’s life and has been praised for tapping into emotions with flowing melodies and voices.

The song became a hot topic amongst fans as it combined the voices of Park Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong and Kim Junsu.

‘Found You’ was followed by ‘That Man’ by Hyun Bin in SBS’ ‘Secret Garden’ with 15,646 votes  while Yang Yo Seop’s ‘I Care for that Person’ from MBC’s ‘My Princess’ came in at third with 9,930 votes.

Meanwhile, the 2011 Seoul Drama Awards will showcase a competitive battle between 204 productions from 37 countries with the catchphrase ‘Drama Road’.

Contrary to last year’s awards, awards will be given out in seven categories that include the Best Drama, the Second Best Drama and the ‘Best Theme’.

The awards ceremony will take place on August 31st at the KBS Hall in Yeoido.

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