Fans: “My entire family voted… but viewers get Girls’ Generation instead of JYJ?”

Posted: July 22, 2011 in JYJ
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110717 “My entire family voted”… But Viewers Get Girls’ Generation Instead of JYJ?

(omitted for repetition from C-JeS’ announcement on the 17th)

Girls’ Generation and f(x) instead of JYJ, A switch that isn’t quite right
When it was revealed that SM Entertainment’s Girls’ Generation and f(x) would be performing in the slot that was intended to be JYJ’s before their performance was cancelled, the rage of JYJ’s fans reached a new peak. This situation also added fire to the continued suspicion that SM Entertainment is restricting JYJ’s broadcasted activities.

According to Prain, who are in charge of JYJ’s publicity, the performance on the 20th was to include violinist Kim Yoon Hui, JYJ, Popera singer Lee El and Norazo. But JYJ’s agency C-JeS Entertainment received a sudden notification of cancellation from KBS on the 16th and JYJ’s performance was given to Girls’ Generation and f(x).

JYJ’s fans began sending their complaints of, “You used JYJ’s popularity to get their fans to vote for Jeju in the 7 Natural Wonders of the World poll, only to cancel their performance,” to Woo Geun Min(@withwoo), governor of Jeju Island, Jeju’s 7 Natural Wonders of the World promotional account (@7wondersJEJU) and KBS’s Twitter account(@MyloveKBS). When it was found that Girls’ Generation and f(x) would be appearing in the performance, fans continued to say, “I don’t get why you even bothered appointing JYJ as your honorary ambassadors.”

“My entire family voted…” The only winner from this is Jeju?

The problem has been magnified because of the fact that people had to pay to vote by texting in. @like_jyj said, “Because of JYJ, my entire family voted through our e-mail accounts and regularly voted by calling in or texting in for a fee,” and “We can’t help but feel betrayed by all of this.” International fans who have already paid for plane tickets and made hotel reservations to see JYJ perform were seen frustrated as they said, “Who’s going to compensate our losses and how?”

Meanwhile, KBS Jeju and the local government of Jeju Island avoided giving a definite answer to the situation by saying, “The person in charge is not present because it’s the weekend.” A representative of the local government stated, “KBS is in charge of everything for the concert and the local government is doing nothing but giving a location for the performances. The local government did not even provide financial support.” Regarding fans who believe JYJ’s position as honorary ambassadors was used to gain votes from fans and who are suffering from financial losses after having to cancel plane tickets and hotel reservations, the representative stated, “The local government of Jeju Island knows nothing about the issue.”

Source: [OhmyNews]
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