The Modern Day Prince Charming – Park Yoochun

Posted: July 20, 2011 in Micky Yoochun
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110719 The Modern Day Prince Charming – Park Yoochun

Singer-Actor Park Yoochun is giving his all in his role as world resort’s group heir Song Yoo Hyun in the Monday-Tuesday drama “Miss Ripley.”  Possessing a kind, thoughtful and sensitive character, the young master of the world resorts group possesses the ability to make decisive decisions and the leadership qualities that help to push the company forward, a modern day prince charming.

Making his grand appearance as the youngest in the resorts industry, with his good looks and displaying equally impressive perfect abilities. However what differentiates him from his superior background is his preference for street markets and food stalls, and his belief that these would help to show a person’s real character, and that he can truly love someone.

Park Yoochun’s fluent English during his ceremony for appointment as director attracted a lot of attention. In the drama Yoochun is born in Japan, and is able to communicate perfectly in Japanese, English and Korean, with the viewers calling him “perfect man.”

In the drama, he displays a pure love and affection for Jang Miri (Lee Da Hae) who is trying to move up in society. Song Yoo Hyun’s (Park Yoochun) who is deeply in love falls in a whirlpool of lies but doesn’t realise it, and despite finding out that Miri could be using his love for her own benefit, he still continues to love her. When Jang Miri, who doesn’t believe in society and people will be exposed is something that the viewers are looking out for.

Producers said, “In Miss Ripley, playing the role of Song Yoo Hyun, who always has a warm smile for Jang Miri, the woman he loves, and Lee Da Hae’s Jang Miri who gradually changes because of (Yoo Hyun’s) love, creates a beautiful imagery; Song Yoo Hyun’s unconditional love for Jang Miri, and Jang Miri who starts off lying but this slowly turns into true love, this is the kind of love we care about and are watching for.

Along with his appearance in “Miss Ripley,” Park Yoochun is also singing one of the theme songs, “An Empty Space Left For You.” It was released online on 21 June and not only did it take the top spot in real-time searches, but also became no.1 real-time in the main music distribution sites, as well as no.1 for downloads, displaying the power of a “clean sweep” and received a lot of love.

Park Yoochun’s “An Empty Space Left For You” is a passionate ballad which brings the drama’s level of completion to the next level, and received a lot of praise. A beautiful melody that draws the listener in, coupled with Park Yoochun’s voice thick with emotion helps to raise the viewer’s involvement level with the drama.

JYJ’s Park Yoochun who showed good acting skills in the drama “Miss Ripley,” greeted the fans cheerfully at the 47th Baeksang Arts Awards, appearing in a black suit and white t-shirt.

At the 47th Baeksang Arts Awards, he took the Best Male Newcomer and Popularity awards in the drama category, shining as a “double-crown” winner. Park Yoochun played the main role of Lee Seon Joon in “SungKyunKwan Scandal,” his display of acting skills gained recognition, and started a popular trend called “Seon Joon Fever.” “It was hard to hold on the chances than we have, and we haven’t had many chances, so I am very happy to be able to get such a good project and  receive so much love,” he said, showing is gratitude. After receiving the popularity award, Park Yoochun thanked his fans and fellow JYJ members, and revealed his deep intentions, saying “After falling ill, you will turn out even stronger.”

Rewriting his own viewership ratings record, “Miss Ripley” takes the top spot in ratings for dramas in its time slot. As the overnight shoots continue, Park Yoochun shows a change in image, and it is expected that the drama will continue to unfold rapidly, increasing the audiences’ interest. Due to Park Yoochun’s change in hairstyle, Song Yoo Hyun’s image changes as well, causing a big shift in the plot of “Miss Ripley,” and increasing the anticipation level for both the drama and the change in Park Yoochun’s acting.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ+ KanStyle]
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