JaeJoong: “Choi Kang Hee noona says I am being 4 – dimensional‏”

Posted: July 20, 2011 in Kim Jaejoong
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110719 Choi Kang Hee Noona Says I Am Being 4th Dimensional‏

Kim Jaejoong transformed into actor, occupying the evening drama slot by taking on his first challenge in domestic drama ‘Protect The Boss’, broadcasting after ‘City Hunter’.

– Senior actor Yoochun thinks that being relaxed is more important than advice.

In ‘Protect The Boss’, Kim Jaejoong acted as financial prince, Director Cha Mu Won. He is first cousin-related to Cha Ji Hyun (Ji Sung), but are rivals in power struggle. After Kim Jaejoong was casted, the happiest were still the JYJ members, “Recently when I met Yoochun at the hair salon, we even role-played a scene.”

Coincidentally, Park Yoochun is currenly filming for MBC’s ‘Miss Ripley’ as Director Song Yuhyun, “Aren’t we both directors? Therefore he said to me, ‘Director Cha, I am Director Song. It’s been a while, Director Cha.’ and such. (laughs) He also advised me that things might be tough due to insufficient sleep, therefore have to take good care of my health.”

Managing one’s health is important to actors and recently Kim Jaejoong is infatuated with gong-jin dan (a type of Chinese tonic that is not cheap either) that was famous in ‘Best Love’, “I have been eating the gong-jin dan properly that fans gave to me. As it is not cheap, therefore when I eat it, it feels that I will be very healthy.”

The gathering was held and the atmosphere was high!

Before the filming begins, the cast were worried about the awkwardness, therefore the production crew of ‘Protect The Boss’ accepted Ji Sung hyung’s suggestion and everyone went on a gathering. “The atmosphere was great! Actors and staffs who went on the gathering exchanged numbers and thus became closer. After that (gathering), we would send messages and I slept with Ji Sung hyung at the gathering in just underwear. Choi Kang Hee Noona also said to me, ‘I’ve always heard about Jaejoong being 4th dimensional, and it is indeed like this after meeting. (laughs)’.”

As the youngest at the filming site, but the atmosphere creator turns out to be Ji Sung. “From the script reading session, Senior Ji Sung have been making the atmosphere a happy one and Senior Cha Hwa Yong and Park Yong Kyu also gave me a lot of advices, this made me very grateful (to them). This drama’s genre was supposed to be romantic and a bit of funny, thus during the script reading, it was filled with laughters.”

– Ideal type? Compared to Seo Na Yoon, I prefer No Eun Sul!

In ‘Protect The Boss’, Kim Jaejoong worked with both Choi Kang Hee (acting as No Eun Sul) and Wang Ji Hye (acting as Seo Na Yoon). Kim Jaejoong was asked who is his ideal type between No Eun Sul and Seo Na Yoon? He replied, “Eun Sul is the type who is free-spirited and reckless, while Na Yoon is an ambitious and slightly picky woman. If I have to choose, Eun Sul would be closer to my ideal type and for girls like Na Yoon who is vey ambitious and possessive, it must be difficult to get along with. But if the two characters were to blend, it will be good.”

When asked about his recent ideal type, Kim Jaejoong replied, “A good first impression that she is a good woman. I was absorbed in that charisma when I watched ‘Ladies of the Palace’ in the past. At that time, Senior Kang Soo Yeon and Jun In Hwa should be my ideal type. I don’t think there are any drastic changes to it even now.”

source: sportschosun+baidu
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun


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