JaeJoong’s Q & A: On debuting for “Protect the Boss”, acting and JYJ’s Japanese activities

Posted: July 19, 2011 in JYJ, Kim Jaejoong
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110717 Kim Jaejoong, “This Anxiety Developed That Is Similar To Andropause Symptom… It Is A Good Thing”‏

As the top singer in Republic of Korea, how is the feeling about debuting as a new actor? JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong will be acting as a chaebol successor in SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Protect The Boss’, challenging his first role in domestic drama. Topics such as comparison to Hyun Bin in SBS’s ‘Secret Garden’ starts the conversation.

Kim Jaejoong said, “It feels like the time when I was a newbie debuting, I think the the crucial part is to adapt to the environment. 10 years of activities and I feel as though I have reached andropause, it is both body and mentally exhausting. Although there are a lot of pressure and burden debuting as an actor, as compared to that, this development of anxiety… it feels good.” Kim Jaejoong’s straighforwardness and honesty were felt through the interview.

Why did you choose to debut as an actor through ‘Protect The Boss’?

After acting in Japanese drama ‘Sunao Ni Narenakute’ last year, I have no hurry to plan about acting in domestic drama or movie, thus I thought and researched about it with due considerations. But the schedules and timing were not suitable thus good works were shelved. But after I received the script for ‘Protect The Boss’, I have strong feelings for it suddenly. The plot is very interesting and I feel that the role suits me.

The comparison of “Cold Urban Guy” Cha Mu Won and Hyun Bin

Although Cha Mu Won is good with business and treats others gentlemanly, he always gave a cold and cool impression to others. A bit mysterious too. The role of being a chaebol’s successor is similar to Hyun Bin’s Kim Joo Won but there are differences in the acting and personality.

How do you grade your own acting currently?

This, about 1 mark? I’m still unable to rate my own acting right now. I do not wish to leave an impression to everyone that my acting is a distance from the veterans during filming. I hoped to reduce this difference and co-operate better with the veteran actors.

The prediction for the viewer ratings is…

The higher the better! Keke~~ The previous slot ‘City Hunter’ has very good results, so our ‘Protect The Boss’ shouldn’t “shrink” right. Rather than consideration for the viewer ratings, I would like to place my emphasis on leveling up my acting.

How is the atmosphere at the filming site?

Although I am the youngest at the filming site, Ji Sung hyung holds the role of the atmosphere-creator. I want to receive praises from the veteran actors through good acting. Cha Hwa Yong Sunbae and Teacher Park Yong Kyu, they have given me a lot of opinions and suggestions. When reading of the lines, I tend to laugh and the atmosphere is really amicable.

Harsh words said to sasaeng fans (stalking fans)

Sasaeng fans have their wrongdoings for sure, but there are also lots of problems that lies with some of the rented car drivers which makes us worried. They persuades those who waited for us in front of our house and the overseas fans who followed us. “This is nothing, it is okay to follow them. If found out, just don’t continue to follow, it will do.” Once they catch up on us, it is difficult to get rid of them. Speeding up is dangerous. It is a common sight to follow us on highway till Gyeonggi-do.

The 2 months long world tour has successfully concluded.

This tour is very interesting. After it ended, members and staffs were very happy. Sang our own compositions, and personally involved in the production, and no additional help from other companies, we are very happy, and very proud!

Activities in Japan is still difficult

Not long ago, we held a charity concert for the earthquake relief in Japan. To the members who were able to have a performance in Japan after a long while, it was a very meaningful matter. Although we were pressurized by our ex-company in Japan, and the lots of problems appeared, but we did not mind and I think we would have a lot of issues to settle in the future.

It is still unable to find JYJ’s albums in the record stores in Japan

We are deeply affected by it on why is our JYJ’s album not able to be sold on the market. As a hallyu forerunner, we are saddened by this issue. If we can put in more effort and time and would be able to withstand these tests, then I think we will insist to work hard till the end. If things are still not able to resolve, we would want to apologize to our Japanese fans.

You sang Im Jae Bum’s For You at the concert in Japan and this create a topic

After singing For You at the concert, Im Jae Bum sunbae sang it again in the programme ‘I Am Singer’ and also attracted attention and topics. Although it is not my own song but I was very happy about it. I would like to hold a concert with remake songs or to produce a rock genre album.

Is there anyone you are dating? What’s your ideal type?

Right now there’s no one. There is a big change in my thoughts regarding the opposite sex. In the past, if I were to date with my girlfriend, I would spend a lot of time preparing some gifts, write letters or write a diary and give it as a present to her on our anniversary. But I do not wish to spend time on this now. Am I going to transform into a bad guy? Hahaha. In the past, there would be pre-requisites for my ideal type but there are none now. I think I need a long time to understand the opposite party well.

[T/N: The Chinese translation where we got this article has 12 Q&As while we can’t find the 12th Q&A in the original Korean article, thus we also decided not to reveal the 12th Q&A in account of its lack of reliability.]

credit: joongang.co.kr+baidu
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun


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