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110718 Has JYJ Became The Symbol Of Injustice?‏

Before the commence of JYJ’s topic, there are a few preconditional claims that have to be announced. This is because although the topic that I want to discuss starts with JYJ but the gist of the whole topic is not just about JYJ.
(JaeTime’s T/N: It meant that the discussion and thoughts from the commotion with regards to Korean entertainment agencies and unfair law judgment through the regrouping of JYJ and the lawsuit dispute.)

Preconditional Claim 1: JYJ are idols

JYJ is a new group formed comprising of TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun and Hero Jaejoong, who left the group. TVXQ has attained the highest spot in the idol industry. This is a status achieved by all members of TVXQ and as an idol, they have their significance and their appearance would meant a significant meaning. Of course at the same time where they have their group of loyal fans, anti-fans would be present as well. Therefore upon any appearance of JYJ-relevant topics, the personal judgement of the issue, fans’ and bystanders’ views have to be clearly differentiated. I do not want to simply discuss about JYJ but to direct at the things happening right now and to talk about my views. Therefore before the beginning of discussion of this issue, We have to understand the slight bias that is present in the term ‘idol’.

Preconditional Claim 2: JYJ are wealthy

JYJ have accumulated lots of wealth. This can be known from the assets that were pronounced in news articles. But the main point of the problem is the unfair contract lawsuit between them and SM. Many people think that given the enormous wealth that JYJ had gotten yet the decision to sue the company was nothing different from being a ungrateful betrayer, with the lack of appreciation towards the company’s initial training for them and instead sarcastically said that themselves are slaves. Whether the truth to this is such, I am not in the position to say anything. But this issue is simple, whether their contract is justifiable or not, the court has its judgment. How much has the trio earned as members of TVXQ, there is no way to certify it now. Stealing 50 thousand away from 100 thousand is the same nature as stealing 50 thousand from 1 million. Because to someone who have earned 1 million, losing that 50 thousand, he would still feel unease.

Thus with these two preconditional claims, no matter they are wealthy people or betrayers, there are no basis. “How will the law be judging it?” This is the most important. Therefore before any conclusion is out, there should not be any clear judgment passed on them. Be it from ethical or law point of view, there are a lot of injustice towards the current JYJ. The weirdest that happened in JYJ’s activities was the unability to appear in news articles, television dramas and not able to participate in variety programmes, in addition to the frequent “sudden cancellation without a reason” incidents. The trio of JYJ recorded QTV’s programme in 24 hours and in the end this programme was unable to be broadcasted by QTV itself. Park Yoochun, who was supposed to attend KBS’s Win Win was canceled, together with this time’s “sudden cancellation” of Jeju island promotional performance even though the receipt of the cue sheet.

Not only such, on normal circumstances when a new drama is due to be broadcasted, the cast of the drama would appear in many variety shows for promotional purposes. But in ‘Miss Ripley’ situation, there are no interview of production company’s press conference from the start, and no appearance of the cast appearing on variety shows such as ‘Come To Play’.

Appearing in drama and news but nowhere to be seen in the entertainment circle, this is obviously an incomprehensible issue. Of course there would be such a situation where fans would express that it is the doing of a certain agency preventing the broadcast, but as the “agency” did not reveal anything, there would not be thoughts of accusations or suspect of the certain agency.

On the contrary, I think the problem lies with the broadcasting company. Because the television company or the news agency would invite guests to make their programmes more interesting. As for drama, the cast’s participation in variety shows would definitely allow the drama to be sold overseas with a higher price.

But the situation of Jeju’s promotional performance is completely different. With them being appointed as ambassadors, they have greatly influenced the promotional effects but was yet omitted in performance. The sudden cancellation was incomprehensible, especially when the schedule was already confirmed. There are lots of overseas fans who have planned to fly over to Korea for this public performance and this has worsen the problem. It feels so regretful especially when this happened in national-managed broadcasting company KBS.

Pre-appointed ambassadors scheduled performance was yet suddenly canceled without any special reason, this is obviously an injustice issue. Gaining the promotional effects and omitting them in the end, this shows the vile side of the establishment. This has to be brought up together with the harm inflicted to many fans. This is not what a national-managed television company should do.

The invisible backdoor pressure rumours were unbelievable. It is obvious that there is special reason and this reason have caused the cancellation. Before any judgment by the court is passed, there should not be any obstruction to their entertainment activities. Korea is a lawful country. In Korea, it is unimaginable to know of power who disregard law and there are no way to confirm if such power existed. If they say that there are not outside pressure, then wouldn’t it be impossible to stop the broadcasting based on one’s effort?

Therefore I hoped that KBS television company will give a proper explanation to this sudden cancellation of JYJ’s broadcasting. What is the exact reason for canceling JYJ’s broadcast. I hoped to receive a convincible reason.

Hopefully KBS can relay to the public the message that “Republic of Korea is a lawful society and there are no injustice.” If KBS’s reason is not convincible, that would be very regretful, very pitiful. This proves that under the law of our Republic of Korea, there are still certain power existing or that KBS has to depend on certain establishment’s power to produce programmes. If it is really so, then undoubtedly, JYJ has bear the injustice sacrifice and they have became the symbol of injustice.

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trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun


The cancellation notice of KBSʼs TV special on 7 World Wonders…protest comment call Jeju a disgrace.

Appointed as honorary ambassadors to the 7 World Wonders, Hallyu Wave stars JYJ (Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, and Kim Junsu), have sparked controversy among thousands of people over clarification for the cancellation of their performances by KBS as well as recent legal action.

With JYJʼs agencyʼs legal action as well as the storm of protests from fans, a strike against the image of [Jeju] island is inevitable.

On the 16th, JYJʼs entertainment agency, CJeS, reported that they received a unilateral notification regarding the cancellation of participation in the KBS Jeju Special Broadcast.

Last May, Jeju officially appointed Hallyu Stars JYJ as GoodWill Ambassadors of the 7 World Wonders in order to improve voter participation throughout Asia.

The date in which CJeS received an email confirming JYJʼs roles as honorary ambassadors as well as the reasons behind why they were chosen was April 26th.

Because at the time JYJ were on their world tour and would not be able to participate in appointment procedures, CJeS declined the offer.

However, Jeju stated that there would be a special program in July in which appointment procedures would be carried out in, and asked for JYJ to begin promotions for Jeju since they needed higher publicity.

On May 4th, the Jeju Island Government released through the press a statement about appointing [JYJ as] their new Honorary Ambassadors.

KBS then scheduled a TV broadcast entitled “Wishing for the 7 World Wonders” to be held on July 20th.

JYJ originally was to participate in this Special Jeju Broadcast concert, performing two of their songs.

However, on the 16th, 4 days before the performance, CJeS was delivered a sudden unilateral notification of cancellation from KBS.

CJeS stated “The reason we received was that if JYJ appears, it might not be possible to air the program” and that “JYJ has been active in their promotion duties, however we have received a unilateral cancellation notice from KBS Jeju.”

They followed by saying “Since the program, Wishing for 7 World Wonders, was meant to be for the appointment of JeJu and also because JYJ have been selected as honorary ambassadors for this cause and have been promoting for 3 months, we require an official position regarding the cancellation.”

CJeS said “we will report KBS Jeju, who have sent a unilateral cancellation notification, to the Korean Fair Trade Comission”

Because of such news, Jeju, the Jeju Provisional Government, and the Jeju official forums, have been hit with with a storm of negative comments.

Indignant commenters stated “This kind of behavior is an embarrassment to the citizens of Jeju and should not be shown again” as well as “I am now canceling my plane tickets to Jeju and have no plans of revisiting in the future!”

CJeS said in this regard “We will take legal action against this situation, in which JYJ were promised to be included in a special broadcast program for their appointment, but were cheated by a unilateral cancellation after they were used for promotional purposes”.

In addition they stated “JYJʼs current lawsuit is a civil lawsuit based on unfair contracts.” and “no matter the situation, as Korean citizens, JYJ will continue to promote Jeju for the 7 World Wonders”

Some comments left by Korean netizens on this article include: “There is a lack of common sense, this is indeed absurd”

“Ambassadors who work hard to promote for urgent publicity as well as gather fans support will get a unilateral cancellation notification from KBS as well? It seems the KBS Public Broadcast and the Jeju Provincial Government are really promoting fraud and deceit”

“I am a fan of JYJ and really disappointed what happened. I donʼt think I will visit JEJU again, never” (english comment)

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110718 JYJ Members Expressed Their Feelings With Regards To Performance’s Cancellation‏

JYJ members revealed their feeling with regards to cancellation of their performance in KBS “Wish for 7 Wonders – KBS Special 5 Live”. Representative company CJeS Entertainment stated that Jeju’s honorary ambassador JYJ was slated to perform 2 songs at the “Wish for 7 Wonders – KBS Special 5 Live” and to go through the ambassador appointment ceremony on the 20th, but they received the broadcast cancellation notice on the 16th.

JYJ Kim Jaejoong tweeted on the 16th with, “If there are going to be obstacles blocking us from promoting our nation’s natural wonder, then this time, I’ll just promote it alone (like this).” He tweeted again on the wee hours of the morning on 18th with, “I don’t believe that the 7 Natural Wonders of the World Declaration Committee chooses beautiful locations in the world as a means of publicity for the profit and losses of a specific nation. Finding beautiful things in the world is a “happiness” that everyone in the world shares. Wouldn’t the purpose of choosing these natural wonders be to preserve them for a long time? But if there are complicated conditions existing beyond this significance, then the simpleness ..of everyone finding happiness will not be a smooth road.” Kim Junsu also expressed on his Twitter, “We cross mountain after mountain.. but ahead looms another one” and “Why are you all sorry.. we’re the ones who should be sorry”
(T/N: all tweet translations are credited to

CJeS Entertainment stated through their homepage that JYJ was supposed to be appointed as ambassadors through the Special broadcast but with Jeju’s local government proceeding with the promotional activities, they (CJeS) officially announced their stance that “In this situation where there are no negotiations with the artistes and performance was one-sidedly canceled just four days before, we will file a complaint to Korea Fair Trade Commission.” CJeS Entertainment has yet to hear any response from Jeju’s local government or KBS Jeju.

On the other hand, KBS had ever stated in their homepage’s message board regarding JYJ’s unability to perform on KBS Music Bank that it is due to the on-going lawsuit between JYJ and ex-company SM Entertainment and yet contracted with current representative company. They also stated, “The continuation of allowing JYJ to perform would cause legal problems and damage the cultural development and order. Until the judgment between JYJ and their company is passed or a mutual agreement is agreed upon, broadcasting activities will be stopped as what was stated before and would be further discussed depending on the judgment.” They further explained that, “The stance before the judgment of invalidity of the contract was a mistake in our management.”
(T/N: This refers to KBS’s change of stance stating that “the previous ‘restriction’ stance was in February.” They later on released another statement that JYJ would be able to appear when they release a new album since JYJ did not released an album since February.)

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110717 Kim Jaejoong, “This Anxiety Developed That Is Similar To Andropause Symptom… It Is A Good Thing”‏

As the top singer in Republic of Korea, how is the feeling about debuting as a new actor? JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong will be acting as a chaebol successor in SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Protect The Boss’, challenging his first role in domestic drama. Topics such as comparison to Hyun Bin in SBS’s ‘Secret Garden’ starts the conversation.

Kim Jaejoong said, “It feels like the time when I was a newbie debuting, I think the the crucial part is to adapt to the environment. 10 years of activities and I feel as though I have reached andropause, it is both body and mentally exhausting. Although there are a lot of pressure and burden debuting as an actor, as compared to that, this development of anxiety… it feels good.” Kim Jaejoong’s straighforwardness and honesty were felt through the interview.

Why did you choose to debut as an actor through ‘Protect The Boss’?

After acting in Japanese drama ‘Sunao Ni Narenakute’ last year, I have no hurry to plan about acting in domestic drama or movie, thus I thought and researched about it with due considerations. But the schedules and timing were not suitable thus good works were shelved. But after I received the script for ‘Protect The Boss’, I have strong feelings for it suddenly. The plot is very interesting and I feel that the role suits me.

The comparison of “Cold Urban Guy” Cha Mu Won and Hyun Bin

Although Cha Mu Won is good with business and treats others gentlemanly, he always gave a cold and cool impression to others. A bit mysterious too. The role of being a chaebol’s successor is similar to Hyun Bin’s Kim Joo Won but there are differences in the acting and personality.

How do you grade your own acting currently?

This, about 1 mark? I’m still unable to rate my own acting right now. I do not wish to leave an impression to everyone that my acting is a distance from the veterans during filming. I hoped to reduce this difference and co-operate better with the veteran actors.

The prediction for the viewer ratings is…

The higher the better! Keke~~ The previous slot ‘City Hunter’ has very good results, so our ‘Protect The Boss’ shouldn’t “shrink” right. Rather than consideration for the viewer ratings, I would like to place my emphasis on leveling up my acting.

How is the atmosphere at the filming site?

Although I am the youngest at the filming site, Ji Sung hyung holds the role of the atmosphere-creator. I want to receive praises from the veteran actors through good acting. Cha Hwa Yong Sunbae and Teacher Park Yong Kyu, they have given me a lot of opinions and suggestions. When reading of the lines, I tend to laugh and the atmosphere is really amicable.

Harsh words said to sasaeng fans (stalking fans)

Sasaeng fans have their wrongdoings for sure, but there are also lots of problems that lies with some of the rented car drivers which makes us worried. They persuades those who waited for us in front of our house and the overseas fans who followed us. “This is nothing, it is okay to follow them. If found out, just don’t continue to follow, it will do.” Once they catch up on us, it is difficult to get rid of them. Speeding up is dangerous. It is a common sight to follow us on highway till Gyeonggi-do.

The 2 months long world tour has successfully concluded.

This tour is very interesting. After it ended, members and staffs were very happy. Sang our own compositions, and personally involved in the production, and no additional help from other companies, we are very happy, and very proud!

Activities in Japan is still difficult

Not long ago, we held a charity concert for the earthquake relief in Japan. To the members who were able to have a performance in Japan after a long while, it was a very meaningful matter. Although we were pressurized by our ex-company in Japan, and the lots of problems appeared, but we did not mind and I think we would have a lot of issues to settle in the future.

It is still unable to find JYJ’s albums in the record stores in Japan

We are deeply affected by it on why is our JYJ’s album not able to be sold on the market. As a hallyu forerunner, we are saddened by this issue. If we can put in more effort and time and would be able to withstand these tests, then I think we will insist to work hard till the end. If things are still not able to resolve, we would want to apologize to our Japanese fans.

You sang Im Jae Bum’s For You at the concert in Japan and this create a topic

After singing For You at the concert, Im Jae Bum sunbae sang it again in the programme ‘I Am Singer’ and also attracted attention and topics. Although it is not my own song but I was very happy about it. I would like to hold a concert with remake songs or to produce a rock genre album.

Is there anyone you are dating? What’s your ideal type?

Right now there’s no one. There is a big change in my thoughts regarding the opposite sex. In the past, if I were to date with my girlfriend, I would spend a lot of time preparing some gifts, write letters or write a diary and give it as a present to her on our anniversary. But I do not wish to spend time on this now. Am I going to transform into a bad guy? Hahaha. In the past, there would be pre-requisites for my ideal type but there are none now. I think I need a long time to understand the opposite party well.

[T/N: The Chinese translation where we got this article has 12 Q&As while we can’t find the 12th Q&A in the original Korean article, thus we also decided not to reveal the 12th Q&A in account of its lack of reliability.]

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110717 “JYJ Performance Cancellation” When will KBS’s disgrace of the 7 World Wonders be addressed?

The impact of the unilateral cancellation of JYJ’s performance by KBS Jeju and Jeju island is growing larger.

On July 17th, The 7 World Wonders project, lead by the New7Wonders Foundation, sent a tweet on their official twitter to KBS stating “To all our friends in Korea, time to kiss and make up!” in regards to the protests.

They also followed by sending a tweet of praise to JYJ member, Kim Jaejoong, saying “that is the right spirit!”

KBS’s controversial unilateral cancellation notice towards JYJ prompted Kim Jaejoong to tweet “If there are obstacles in prompting our own country’s natural scenery, then under these conditions I will have to promote it by myself” as well as changing his profile photo to a picture of Jeju’s landscape, causing much praise for his actions.

Last May the Jeju Provincial Government and the New7Wonders Foundation appointed JYJ to be Honorary Ambassadors for Jeju in the 7 World Wonders campaign. JYJ were to appear on July 20th as part of the KBS Jeju Special Broadcast Concert. But on the 16th, four days before the show, KBS issued a notice of cancellation to JYJ. There was not a clear reason stated, but it was also announced that SNSD and f(x) would be making an appearance.

A representative of KBS Jeju stated “In our final stages of our broadcast preparation, our plans for SNSD and f(x)’s appearances became possible and we have expressed out greatest apologies to JYJ’s representatives”. However Cjes, who is in charge of JYJ’s management, have said “we have yet to receive an apology”, leading to a second controversy.

Netizens have voiced out in anger, stating “This is an international embarrassment” and “I do not understand what is going on. If you knew from the beginning this would happen, why did you use them?”

Source:  Sports Chosun
Translation Credits: DoctorJaee of JYJ3
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