110717 Zhuo Qi Bo’s Apology To Cassiopeia

To have caused so much inconvenience to all of you, I sincerely apologise! I’m sorry!

I would also like to apologise for my error in spelling for “Cassiopeia.”

Please do not blame any companies, because I represent myself, and it has nothing to do with them.

I chose the song, and it is currently being removed in large quantities. This may take some time, and it so happens that it is a weekend.

I believe that we will remove the song as quickly as possible, and with sincerity, returning to your idol the song that belongs to him.

I also hope that everyone can stop (pursuing) this matter.

Rest assured that the song will definitely be removed!

Please give me some time.

(T/N: In Chinese, Cassiopeia is“仙后” but apparently he made a mistake and called them “仙贝”(Senbei) instead. )

Source : [BaiduTVXQ]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

  1. Chouaaa says:

    You know, I kinda feel bad for him. I believe in what he said about the reason for choosing JJ’s song.. But he really felt the wrath of Cassies.. I think the fans acted too harshly, though their motive was good. I believe the fans have no right to be involved in their affairs… Though support is good, doing something as mean as super bashing and all that is not good. I agree with tr fans too but only to a certain extent.

  2. OT5 says:

    OMG, what happened? I didn’t know anything….

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