Yoochun & Yoohwan: The Park brothers ‘Baton Touch’ MBC Monday-Tuesday Dramas

Posted: July 18, 2011 in Micky Yoochun
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110716 Park Yoochun-Park Yoohwan, The Park Brothers ‘Baton Touch’ MBC Monday-Tuesday Dramas

JYJ’s member and actor Park Yoochun and his younger brother Park Yoohwan’s active roles in the drama industry is garnering great attention.

Park Yoochun is currently acting as Song Yoo Hyun, Jang Miri’s lover and the successor to a global resort empire, in the MBC TV Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Miss Ripley’. Park Yoohwan is currently acting as Han Seo Woo in the MBC TV weekend drama ‘Shiny Shiny Shining’.

The two people have been a hot topic in the past for both having Jang Yong as a part of their separate families in their respective dramas. Jang Yong, who appears in ‘Shiny Shiny Shining’ as Park Yoohwan’s half-brother, also appears in ‘Miss Ripley’ as Park Yoochun’s father.

Recently, Park Yoochun posted a tweet that showed his surprise at the two brothers’ peculiar relationship with the actor that read, “Who would have known that Han Seo Woo’s brother is my father?”

Not only this, but Park Yoohwan will be taking on the baton from his older brother as ‘Gyebaek’, the historical drama he plans to appear in, will begin airing after ‘Miss Ripley’. A representative from his agency stated, “Whenever he has time, Park Yoohwan has been attending action and horse-riding classes, showing his passion for his upcoming drama,” and “Though he didn’t have a big role in ‘Shiny Shiny Shining’, he is working hard with the heart of a rookie to do his best, no matter what role he takes on.”

In ‘Gyebaek’, Park Yoohwan will be appearing as Book Jo, a member of the Baek Jae’s assassination squad ‘WiJaeDan’ ‘GyeBaek’ will be airing after ‘Miss Ripley’ on the 25th.

Meanwhile, Park Yoohwan and Park Yoochun garnered much attention when they attended each other’s press conference for ‘Shiny Shiny Shining’ and ‘Miss Ripley’ to show their brotherly affection.

Source: [TV Report]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net


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