JaeJoong: Of acting and ‘Cha Muwon’ in relation to himself

Posted: July 18, 2011 in Kim Jaejoong
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Jaejoong, Multi-Talented. Of Acting, and Cha Muwon in Relation to Himself

JYJ’s “Multi-Talented Hyung” Kim Jaejoong. Continuing from Directing, This Time Acting. He Knocks On the TV Screen as a 2nd Generation Chaebol.

At the time of the interview with JYJ last year, the other two members,  Junsu and Yoochun, all singularly pointed to Jaejoong to call him  “multi-talented hyung.” They also made assurances that because Jaejoong  has so many talents, his true worth will start to reveal itself one by  one starting the next year. The predictions by the members hit the mark.  Kim Jaejoong was the last one among JYJ to begin his solo activities,  but he has been the most diverse. After acting as the executive director  of JYJ’s World Tour Concert, he recently also took on the directing for  the gymnastics gala show of Sohn Yeonjae, the fairy of the rhythmic  gymnastics. As long as he is out, he plans to show off himself as an  actor starting August. Kim Jaejoong knocks on the TV scene in the role  of Cha Muwon, the second generation of the preeminent chaebol groups of  Korea, in the SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama that will first air on August  3rdProtect the Boss. He is a perfect man, who lacks not physical beauty, wealth, character, or anything else.

“The character is called a Cold City Man,  but he is not unconditionally cold and cool-headed. He is an innocent  man—who, even though he has a competitive mindset against his older  cousin Jihun when it comes to work, shows a goofy side when they are  together. He is cold only on the outside—when you get to know him, he is  someone with a warm heart.”

The love triangle that will unfold surrounding the female lead Eunsul, played by Choi Kanghee, will also be a sight to see.

“Because it has not been that long since  filming began, the character of Cha Muwon is not yet sharply defined.  The inside of me is distracted and frantic. I had many conversations  with the director-nim and the writer-nim. The acting is acting, but it  seems that they were looking for Cha Muwon from inside of me, through  everyday conversation. From episode 3 and 4, you will be able to catch a  glimpse inside Cha Muwon of the true person of Kim Jaejoong.”

This is not his first acting. He stepped  out onto acting for the first time with the collaborative movie between  Japan and Korea of 2009, Heaven’s Postman. He also collaborated with Japan’s stars such as Ueno Juri and Eita in Japan’s Fuji TV drama Sunao Ni Narenakute in 2010. However he emphasized that his beginning as a real actor is with Protect the Boss.

Heaven’s Postman was my debut  work but despite that I was not able to have the mindset or the  preparation fit for an actor. I went to filming without preparation,  having merely memorized the lines in a rush—that was not respect due to  acting. As for Sunao Ni Narenakute, I am satisfied with it  because I was able to go into it with a sufficient period of  preparation. But I do feel a bit wanting since the ratings were not as  high as hoped for. Protect the Boss is a work that I am going  into after having gone through a series of processes, and as such my  attachment to the project is large. My heart is also fluttering at the  thought that I am showing the work to the domestic fans.”

Kim Jaejoong discarded the thoughts that  he would do overly well. He will be satisfied if he, without  awkwardness, merely melds in well with the other great/superb sunbaes  who are appearing in the drama. His acting teacher Ahn Naesang told him:  “You should not act as if it is acting. Do not act as if it is acting.”  The meaning of those words is only vague, but he plans to dwell and  reexamine it as he keeps acting. Right now his head is completely filled  with acting.

“At the time of Yoochun’s Miss Ripley all  of the members together caught the first episode. As for myself I will  definitely not have that happen. Even now, when I show something to the  members, I have the nervous tension that is higher than to any other. I  plan to watch it alone, in hiding. Haha.”

For Jaejoong, who says that it took him  too long even to decide just what kind of musical style he likes, the  question of what kind of an actor he wishes to become is yet difficult.

“It is only the beginning yet. Now is the  first start of a new challenge, and as such, I want to come to know the  answer as I do it step by step.”

Source: Focus
Translation Credit: JYJ3


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