Yoochun, from monitoring to his wild charm to Japanese fans

Posted: July 16, 2011 in Micky Yoochun
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110714 [Star Selca] Park Yoochun, From Monitoring To His Wild Charm To Japanese Fans

Park Yoochun has hit another home run and succeeded with his second acting challenge. Since his acting debut in ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’, he recently took on the lead role in MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Miss Ripley’, receiving praise for his stable acting. Easily expressing ardent internal turnmoil from being tormented by his lover’s lies, he has been praised for going above and beyond the usual restrictions of actor-turned-singers. Park Yoochun, who is pulling at the heartstrings of women by acting as the innocent and carefree conglomerate successor Song Yoo Hyun, has revealed what it is like on location as he films for the drama.

Hello. This is Park Yoochun. My body’s a little worn out from the JYJ World Tour and filming for ‘Miss Ripley’ overlapping. But, getting such a good reaction makes my fatigue disappear as if it’s been washed away. Though my acting is still very lacking, I’m grateful for the fact that you are all understanding about it. To express the subtle character of Song Yoo Hyun as he tries to heal his scars, I’ve put aside ‘Human Park Yoochun’ for a moment and focused completely on ‘Miss Ripley’.

Being so deeply rooted into my character, I’m worried about how I’ll return back to my regular daily routine when the drama is over. It’s true that I’ve become busier as the drama comes to an end. Though I feel all over the place right now, I’ll introduce to you the shipshape filming location of our drama ‘Miss Ripley’.

1. “Will the director be satisfied with my acting?” I’m currently getting into my character. You all know that in the drama, I have much to worry about, right? What would it feel like to find out that the woman you love has fabricated her entire past? Seeing me get into my character, can you feel the nervousness that makes me feel like I’m standing on stage during ‘I Am A Singer’?

2. I’m currently monitoring a scene I just took. I’ve stood on countless stages as I perform in a group, but I still feel like my acting is a bit awkward. Ah, that shouldn’t be the gaze I should have for that scene… Director, let’s do it just once more!

3. This is Director Choi Iseop, who is giving me acting advice after pausing our filming session for a bit. Because it’s a scene in which I have to convey a multitude of deep emotions, it’s very hard to act out. Aigoo, I’m sorry Mr. Director. T.T

4. This is a fun date scene that I shot with Lee Da Hae. Ah, I’d like to meet a girlfriend in real life, not just in dates for music videos and dramas.

5. This is ‘Miss Ripley”s script. You can see the highlighter marks that show my meticulous work, right? I’m Actor Park Yoochun, who reads his script over and over again until the pages are in tatters!

6. I’m completely immersed in playing by myself as I wait for my turn to film. This is ‘the lazy person’s push up’. This is what I do sometimes when I feel the need to exercise though my body feels heavy.

7. Here’s a picture taken with Jang Yong, my father and the chairman of Mondo Group in the drama! He is a ‘great senior’ who I feel grateful to because he waits till I get it right when I make an NG.

8. “Oh. A real man!” Can’t you feel his wild charm? This is the true image of Park Yoochun the ‘Man’. It was a hard scene to film because I had to express complicated emotions while remembering to flex my back muscles.

9. An open filming of our drama in Yongin. Thankfully, that many Japanese fans came to see me. I’m really thankful to them because they watched us film in an orderly silence.

10. Team B’s Director Choi Won Seok is teaching me the blocking of the scene. It’s hard to film outside when the weather’s so hot. The woman behind me who is wiping my sweat off, which continues to trickle down without stopping, is my stylist.

11. I’m taking a nap while I wait for my turn. This is a picture that perfectly shows Park Yoochun’s professionalism as I sleeps on my stomach to avoid messing up my hair.

12. That’s a long-shaped fan that is used to keep my head cool. Our staff members are having a tough time because of me.

13. This is the ‘Mickey fan’. We call it the ‘Mickey fan’ because it has a Mickey Mouse logo on it. You all know that my name is ‘Micky Yoochun’ in our group, right? Haha!

Source: [isplus joins 1+2+3]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net


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