JaeJoong slept with Ji Sung in his underwear… TWICE

Posted: July 14, 2011 in Kim Jaejoong
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Wow, Jis Sung sure is lucky!  I wouldn’t mind trading places with him! :)

110713 Jaejoong Slept With Ji Sung In His Underwear… Twice

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong is currently suffering from ‘Ji Sung Addiction’.

Kim Jaejoong will be making his first domestic drama appearance through SBS’ ‘Protect the Boss’. Getting his first taste of acting in the movie ‘Postman to Heaven’(2009), he got the feel of acting through Fuji TV’s ‘Sunao Ni Narenakute’.

‘Cha Mu Won’ Kim Jaejoong will be cousins with ‘Cha Ji Hun’ Ji Sung(34) and will be caught in a family feud that their parents initiated over the conglomerate. “Though I have a power struggle with Ji Sung hyung in the drama, I’ve become really close with him. On my first day, I wasn’t able to approach anyone because I felt so awkward, but he approached me first and made me feel welcome.”

The two were able to become much closer during the MT that the staff and cast all went on. “Before filming began for the drama, we went on a MT that Ji Sung hyung planned. At first, I felt awkward because we were just coworkers, but I drank with him and ended up sleeping with him with nothing on but my underwear.

“Later, Ji Sung hyung called me over to his house to rehearse lines together. That day, I ended up falling asleep in his bed in only my underwear. At the MT, he said, ‘We’re two guys so what’s the big deal?’ and at his house, he said, ‘We’ve done it once, why can’t we do it again?’ I think we got closer much faster because we’ve shared the pleasures and pains of life.”

Kim Jaejoong said that the atmosphere on location is great. He always tries to hide his laughter as he watches Ji Sung and Park Young Gyu(58) act. “Park Young Gyu is actually very dignified and gentlemanly but he’s so funny when he starts acting. Ji Sung hyung plays the role of Park Young Gyu’s son and he comes up looking like a real yahoo. They season ordinary lines with slang and jargon; their swear words don’t even sound like swear words so I crack up every time.”

He also said, “With Ji Sung hyung, you can tell that he’s trying to help me out a lot but I can see that everyone else tries to take care of me. If Choi Kang Hee noona isn’t able to say goodbye to me after we’re done filming, she never forgets to text me. The nervousness we had at the beginning towards each other is reducing faster than expected. My seniors treat me so well in a warm manner.”

Kim Jaejoong is taking on this new challenge with a new resolution. “When I was filming for ‘Postman to Heaven’, I was still very greedy about being a singer, so I didn’t feel greedy about anything else. That was why I had neither the right mental attitude nor the time to film for the drama.”

“I had no one around to tell me what a movie really was. And it wasn’t that I was filming all my scenes continuously; I would film a couple of scenes and go right back to my activities as a singer, so I felt like I was just filming without really connecting to the emotions that I was supposed to be feeling. I’m sure Han Hyo Joo felt all over the place because of me,” and “I changed a lot by filming in Japan. It gave me the opportunity to learn and get in the right mindset of an actor.

(omitted for repetition)

The drama will begin airing on the 3rd of August.

Source: [newsis]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

  1. Sonmon says:

    Was he stupid or what? He didn’t think of how much a misunderstanding he made, clueless guy.

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