JaeJoong appears in his first domestic drama: “I want to work hard and be loved for it”

Posted: July 14, 2011 in Kim Jaejoong
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110713 JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong Appears In His First Domestic Drama “I Want To Work Hard And Be Loved For It”

No words are needed to describe his singing and dancing. Add in a handsome face, fluent Japanese-speaking skills as well as a warm heart. The expression ‘multi-faceted handsome guy’ fits him perfectly.

Though he is a member of JYJ(Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu), a top class male group who have made their mark in the music industry, not a single trace of arrogance or vanity could be found within him. Kim Jaejoong would add his signature easy-going laugh to the honest answers he gave, even to the most blunt questions that the reporters had.

Kim Jaejoong tried out his first drama with FujiTV’s ‘Sunao Ni Narenakute’ in Japan. Recently confirmed to appear in the SBS drama ‘Protect the Boss’, he will soon be making his debut in the domestic drama industry. Regarding his comeback as an actor, Kim Jaejoong said, “I’m so nervous that I’m getting goosebumps,” but one could easily see an expression of feel-good thrill running through his face.

“Many tell me that I’m probably feeling really pressured about my first appearance in a Korean drama, but I’m feelings nervousness more than pressure, which has negative connotations. I don’t have the relaxed and experienced confidence that I have when I stand on stage as a singer. I believe I’m at a stage where I’m still very lacking in so many ways. But my heart is pounding at the prospect of trying something new.“

In this drama, he will work alongside Ji Sung, Choi Kang Hee and Wang Ji Hae as Cha Mu Won, the talented ‘prince of the financial world’. Kim Jaejoong describes his character, the cousin of Cha Ji Hun(Ji Sung), as a mysterious gentleman who has a hidden cold edge to him.

“Cha Mu Won is mysterious but also has a very childishly innocent side. You could say that he is an ambivalent character but he’s very different from me. I think that the character of Cha Ji Hun, who Ji Sung plays, is more like me, like how he’s very playful and mischievous.”

Kim Jaejoong, who has the most off-the-wall charm in JYJ, Choi Kang Hee, who is known to be a fourth-dimensional character, and Ji Sung, the mood maker. It looks like the actors of ‘Protect the Boss’ will never have a chance to be bored.

“Because I just started filming for the drama, I haven’t met my fellow actors and seniors many times, but the atmosphere has been great ever since the script rehearsal. It’s so great that we’re too busy laughing to be bored. Cha Hwa Yeon and Park Young Gyu have been giving me a lot of great advice and I want to work hard on my acting and continue to be loved for it.”‘

To be loved by his fellow actors and the viewers alike, Kim Jaejoong has been working hard to improve and grow as an actor. He is even receiving guidance on his acting from Ahn Nae Sang, who he was introduced to by the director of ‘Protect the Boss’.

Ahn Nae Sang, who played the role of Park Yoochun’s teacher in KBS2′s ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’, has been receiving an interested reaction from fans such as, ‘Park Yoochun’s on-screen mentor has become Kim Jaejoong’s actual mentor.’ Hearing this, Kim Jaejoong laughed and said, “Yoochun’s mentor is my mentor? I guess you could see it that way.”

He added in a joking sigh as he said, “He tells me lots of stories about Yoochun as he helps me with my acting. He praised Yoochun a lot as he told me, ‘At first, Yoochun struggled with the historical speech but later on, he was really good at it’. Though I’m really proud of him, it adds a little more pressure on me and makes it harder for me.“

JYJ’s Park Yoochun is currently acting in MBC’s ‘Miss Ripley’ and made his mark in the drama industry when he won awards at the KBS Drama Awards and Baeksang Arts Awards for his role in ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’. Kim Junsu has been thriving in the musical industry, having won awards at the Musical Awards through ‘Tears of Heaven’ and ‘Mozart!’.

Kim Jaejoong properly began his acting career later than his other members and didn’t hide the slight pressure from that fact as he said, “I’m envious. They say that even being spanked first is better, right?”

“In Yoochun’s case, he had to juggle the World Tour with his drama schedule, leading to him having a hard time trying to complete his overflowing schedule. So when I told him that I would start filming for my drama, he joked around and said, ‘Hyung, you’ll go through the same thing as I did. You need to suffer like I did just once.’ Haha. Junsu would send me texts of encouragement like ‘Be strong!’ as well as funny jokes that are floating around online. The members are a great strength to me and make me feel reassured.”

“As an actor, I see myself as a newborn baby who has just begun. I’ll do my best and work hard, so please support me and remind me to work hard.”

Source: [TV Daily]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net


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