JaeJoong and Junsu’s “eyeball purifying two shot” goes public

Posted: July 13, 2011 in JYJ, Kim Jaejoong, Xiah Junsu
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110712 Kim Jaejoong and Kim Junsu, “Eyeball Purifying Two Shot” Goes Public

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong showed to the public their masculine appeal along with group member Kim Junsu.

On July 12th, around 2:10pm, Kim Jaejoong posted a picture of him and Junsu on his twitter profile with the comment, “This is our two shot.”

The Kim Junsu in this photo might have a stiff expression but his eyes blazed with an intense stare.

Next to him with his arm around Junsu is Kim Jaejoong wearing a thick necklace with a sleeveless shirt, making his hard muscles stand out.

The fans who saw this picture reactions: “Can we soften Junsu’s expression a little?” “Jaejoong’s gaze is also good looking.” “Feel like my eyeballs have been purified.” And etc.

Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong will be appearing in the new SBS drama coming this August 3rd, “Protect the Boss”, where he will be playing the role of Cha Mu Won, a prince of the business community and what is to be a comical performance.

credit: d24-canal
trans+shared by: sharingyoochun.net

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