110712 Daily Post Of JYJ Tweets

Trolling us with cute kitties :)
(Jaejoong, 2:01pm KST) This was JiJi in the beginning~  http://yfrog.com/kl94tnj

oh darn it, Kim Jaejoong, you should have taken the photo when he was shirtless
(Jaejoong, 2:06pm KST) This is what we call secretly taking a photo of someone. http://yfrog.com/kfnmzjj

This looks like a photo from way back. But cute nonetheless♥
(Jaejoong, 2:10pm KST) This is a two shot haha http://yfrog.com/kefjlfaj

 ….How you doin’?
(Jaejoong, 2:22pm KST) A photo I thought a lot about..(before posting) haha  http://yfrog.com/khc09ldj

Nuuu give us more!!
(Jaejoong, 3:21pm KST) Today’s Final – Jiji! http://yfrog.com/ke51611295j

Jaejoong had an interview Yay :D
(Jaejoong, 10:12pm KST) The reason why the interviews that I had with reporters yesterday and today are precious to me is because when they were over, they allowed me to ruminate over the big and small things that have passed between the beginning and now for me.. and because they enabled me to listen and concentrate more than I usually do to catch even the smallest of movements from my loving members and fans..

Source: [Jaejoong’s Twitter]
Translated + Shared by: dongbangdata.net


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