Why is JYJ so wanted as Honorary Ambassadors by major Korean groups?

Posted: July 9, 2011 in JYJ
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Love Calls Directed to JYJ to Become Honorary Ambassadors Especially (Numerous)… Why?

The representative group of Korea JYJ and their global appointments as honorary ambassadors are newly being paid attention to by the netizens.

JYJ is contributing to society by being appointed as honorary ambassadors for a variety of events and organizations, such as FLL Korea 2011, International Abroad Korean Trade Association, Jeju-World 7 Wonders, KEPCO, G20 Friends, and such. As if proving JYJ’s status, these appointments are of scale that are above the usual.

Then what is the reason behind JYJ being appointed frequently as honorary ambassadors to these prominent major events?

First is the global image of JYJ itself. JYJ has established the image as a global star with the success of their first world wide album, The Beginning. If JYJ with such success comes to be honorary ambassadors, then the organization or event can benefit from the effect of enhancing naturally their brand powers.

Also underlying is the calculation that there can be built a relationship of a strategic partner with the Korean Wave group that represents Korea to unfold the global strategy (of the entity). That is because among the entertainers of Korea there are not many that have both the high name recognition and power like JYJ.

Another reason is the dynamic and solid team work of JYJ. In fact, last January at the time of JYJ’s appointment as honorary ambassadors for FLL Korea, the host explained the background behind the appointment: “We decided that the passion and the team work that JYJ has is akin to the spirit of the competition.” It is that JYJ’s young and future-looking image highlights the promotional impact.

Also, the good deeds by JYJ who have actively engaged in societal works such as donation and volunteering regularly cannot be ignored. As well known, members of JYJ are shining a bright light of positivity on our society’s dark and isolated places with their fans—through donating operation costs for child cancer patients, sponsoring operation costs for child heart disease patients, building houses of love, and such.

It seems that the love calls for JYJ to become honorary ambassadors will not end for a while because there are still many organizations, institutions and events that wish that JYJ who is leading the global Korean Wave will become their honorary ambassadors. It is of attention as to who will become the lucky entity after KEPCO.

Source: Enterpost
Translation Credit: JYJ3


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