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110708 Daily Post Of JYJ Tweets

Deep Thought of the Day from Mr. Kim
(Jaejoong, 7:53pm KST) The world is like a coin^^

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110707 Park Yoochun : “If My Lover Was Full Of Lies, I Wouldn’t Be Able To Accept It”

Park Yoochun said, “If my lover’s attitude was full by lies, I probably wouldn’t be able to accept it.”

Park Yoochun, who is playing the role of conglomerate heir Song Yoo Hyun in MBC’s “Miss Ripley” said that he wouldn’t be able to accept the relationship if the situation in the drama happened to him in real life.

On 7 July, the “Miss Ripley” site released a Park Yoochun interview video, in which he spoke about his role in the drama as well as his thoughts and issues faced when playing the character.

He said, “I did not place any emphasis on the role of CEO, but thought more about the past and future of Song Yoo Hyun as a person when playing the role.”

About participating in the drama OST with “An Empty Space Left For You,” Park Yoochun said, “I heard it got on the charts, but I have yet to see it for myself. I recieved this song while we were touring in America. Upon returning to Korea, we recorded the song in between shootings, and made changes to the song twice. However, I personally feel that there are still parts that could have been improved.”

Park Yoochun emphasized, “When I appear on the television screen, I feel slightly embarassed.” “And while I am on screen, my song plays in the background.It feels strange.” He said, showing his embarassment.

Recently, he changed his image and is now sporting a short hairstyle, which shows off his good looks even more, and to this Park Yoochun said, “Initially, we wanted to get it cut at episode 2 or 3, but due to the worldwide concerts, (the haircut) was delayed till now.” “In the later part of the drama, there will be emotional scenes. Therefore, based on the director, screenplay and staffs’ opinions, I cut my hair.”

Also, “Miss Ripley ‘s” Song Yoo Hyun recently found out that Jang Miri had approached him with an ulterior motive, increasing the excitement level of the drama. To this, Park Yoochun said, “Currently. (Yoo Hyun) is hit hard, but despite that, he doesn’t change his mind about his love immediately, choosing to uncover the whole truth instead.”

Park Yoochun also said, “Although I would want to understand and accept her past, but to forget all this would indeed be difficult.” “If I accept her past, I would have to consider the pain that I suffer daily. If it were me, I wouldn’t be able to do it. It’s rather difficult.” He revealed in a straightfoward manner about what he would do if something similar had happened in real life, attracting a lot of attention.

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110706 “Miss Ripley” Becomes A Novel

MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Miss Ripley” which is currently in the midst of airing, is now released as a novel.

“Miss Ripley” is a story about a woman who accidentally tells a lie, which leads to one lie after another and ends up caught in a web of lies, a classic melodrama. With societal issues as its material, coupled with the strong elite cast of Lee Da Hae, Kim Seung Woo, Park Yoochun and Kang Hye Jung, it has been a hot tppic from its planning stage.

Joint writer Kim Sun Young was responsible for the screenplay for “Miss Ripley,” and previously won best screenplay for a drama in 1994. Also, through “The Season Of Puberty”、”Love & Farewell,” “Sleeping With the Enemy,” “Mr. Duke,” “Pretty Lady,” “Jang Hee-Bin” and other works, she has managed to gain much love from viewers.

The other writer Sohn Hyun Kyung studied arts and culture during his university days and is very good at expressing a characters’ psyche and conditions. Among his works, he has released drama novels for “Lovers In Prague” (2 books), ” My Princess,” “Secret Garden”(Overseas Translated Version) and others.

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