Seo Kyung Jong rates ‘Game Mania’ Xiah Junsu’s skills

Posted: July 7, 2011 in Xiah Junsu
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110706 Seo Kyung Jong Rates ‘Game Mania’ Xiah Junsu’s Skills

What is ‘Soccer Crazy’ and ‘Game Mania’ Kim Junsu(JYJ)’s favorite game?

Through a ‘Today Korea Interview’, Seo Kyung Jong, who recently retired from his pro-gaming career to pursue work as an emcee for games, revealed Hallyu star Kim Junsu’s favorite games and his gaming skills.

Seo Kyung Jong and Kim Junsu became close friends through Starcraft. When Seo Kyung Jong played his last game at the LOOX Hero Center on the 20th, Kim Junsu appeared with 10 other players from the celebrity soccer team FC MEN to cheer their friend on as he completed his final game.

The former gamer stated, “Junsu likes to play Star Craft and Sudden Attack,” and “His skills at playing Starcraft have drastically improved lately. Nowadays, he is so skilled at the game that he wouldn’t fall behind if he played as a team with pro-gamers.”

He continued to say, “For Sudden Attack, he’s so good that I end up learning tricks and strategies from him,” and “He’s so good that he likes to joke around and say, ‘How could a pro-gamer be so bad at this game?’”

Then what are Kim Junsu’s strong points as a ‘game player’? Seo Kyung Jong picked ‘passion’ as an expected trait. He said, “Junsu’s passion is amazing, even in my eyes. There are times when it exceeds that of other pro-gamers. I’m sure that having that passion as a foundation helped him get to the top of the entertainment industry and be recognized for his talents in the musical industry as well. He’s become a role model for me as I begin a new career as an emcee for gaming tournaments.”

Seo Kyung Jong also said, “I first thought that he would be cocky because he’s such a famous star, but I ended up feeling really comfortable around him because he treats others with no pretense,” and “Even now, he’s so friendly and open when I meet up with him that I sometimes wonder ‘Is this really Xiah Junsu, the person who is charismatic on stage?’

He also added, “When I decided to retire from pro-gaming and go into emceeing, Junsu gave me lots of stories and advice about the broadcasting industry so I’m really grateful and confident,” and “A few days ago, he gave me great strength as he reassured me and told me prepare well so that I can become a great emcee in front of my fans.”

Seo Kyung Jong, who says that ‘I’m really happy to have so many people around me who help me like Junsu,’ is currently improving his value and making his mark in the industry as an emcee for gaming tournaments who can put his audience at ease.

Source: [Today Korea]
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