The first still cuts of JaeJoong in ‘Protect the Boss’ are revealed

Posted: July 3, 2011 in Kim Jaejoong
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110701 The First Still Cuts Of Kim Jaejoong In ‘Protect The Boss’ Are Revealed

Still cuts of JYJ’s Kim Jajeoong in his first Korean drama, SBS’ new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Protect the Boss’, have been revealed.

Kim Jaejoong, who plays the role of ‘the prince of the financial world’ Cha Moo Won, recently participated in a photoshoot for the drama.

At the photoshoot, where Choi Kang Hee was threatening Ji Sung as conglomerate successor Cha Ji Heon’s secretary No Eun Seol, Kim Jaejoong appeared in a dashing suit. At his arrival, Choi Kang Hee quickly acted modest, leaving Ji Sung dumbfounded.

Kim Jaejoong will be entering the domestic drama industry for the first time through the drama ‘Protect the Boss’. As a man with talents, good looks, great character and wit, he is expected to pull at the heartstrings of female viewers.

‘Protect the Boss’ is a romantic comedy dealing with a ‘Project: Raise an unruly conglomerate successor’ between a newbie secretary and an unruly conglomerate successor. PD Sohn Jung Hyun of ‘Lovers in Paris’ and ‘Temptation of an Angel’ and screenwriter Kwon Gi Young of ‘Crazy from Love’ have gotten together to create the drama. Ji Sung, Choi Kang Hee, Kim Jaejoong, Wang Ji Hae, Park Young Gyu, Cha Hwa Yeon and Kim Chung will be appearing in the drama, which will air after ‘City Hunter’ ends in August.

Source: [mydaily]
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