Miss Ripley’s Song Yoo Hyun has a natural “Chaebol” face

Posted: June 30, 2011 in Micky Yoochun
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110629 Drama “Miss Ripley” Song Yoo Hyun, Natural “Chaebol” Face

(T/N: “Chaebol”  is defined as a family-owned conglomerate, but is used in this context to refer to a person who comes from a rich & powerful family. )

MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Miss Ripley” has been enjoying high viewership ratings and popularity. In this drama, Jang Miri’s “lies” reflect how a society that focuses on paper qualifications forces her into forging her resume.

Also, playing the male lead in this drama is “Mr. P”, who is an actor-cum-singer in an idol group, and is one of the front runners as a Hallyu star. Due to his participation, there has been more attention on this drama.

In the drama, Song Yoo Hyun is the heir to Mondo Group, which owns resorts all over the world. Song Yoo Hyun has an attractive appearance, tall stature, a rich family background, abilities that surpasses the masses as well as a kind character. For Song Yoo Hyun to be able to express this warm charisma of a conglomerate heir so perfectly, what is his secret? Although his performance as a conglomerate heir is good, but could it be his appearance that makes this performance so outstanding?

When analyzed from a cosmetic surgery angle, he has a natural “chaebol” appearance. Last year, he was also chosen as “the male artist whose face is prettier and gentler than a woman,” making him a hot topic. Without any “sharp edges” on his face, exuding a fashionable city image, his clear white skin and well defined features make him a perfect canvas to portray a “chaebol.”

Due to the role, he is often seen in crisp, smooth suits,  and his “straight shoulders”, tall stature and slim figure accentuates the fit of the tailored suits. Also, his polite mannerisms and kind voice, warm and calm expressions etc, are all important elements that enable him to play the role of the conglomerate heir perfectly.

Park Wonjin, from Wonjin Plastic Surgery said, “Slender and gentle facial lines, a fuller upper lip, as well as slightly high cheekbones are elements that bring about a boyish look from a  “gentle and small” face.  Especially since Song Yoo Hyun’s face is extremely close to the golden ratio of 1:1:1, a small face coupled with well defined features, brings about a modern and fashionable feeling.

Viewers who are immersed in the drama will judge the drama on how well the actors fit the roles that they play. The natural “chaebol” role of Song Yoo Hyun has attracted significant attention and definitely had an impact on “Miss Ripley.” Analyzing the characters’ appearances, images and roles is probably part of the entertainment when watching a drama as well!

Source : [baiduTVXQ + newswire]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net


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