Yoochun is helpless in front of a vending machine… a ‘humiliation for a conglomerate’s successor?’

Posted: June 28, 2011 in Micky Yoochun
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110626 Park Yoochun Is Helpless In Front Of A Vending Machine, ‘Humiliation For A Conglomerate’s Successor?’

A video of Park Yoochun and Lee Da Hae filming in the subway station for MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Miss Ripley’ was released on the drama’s homepage on the 25th.

In the video, the two were in the subway station to film for the scene in which conglomerate successor Song Yoo Hyun(Park Yoochun) and Jang Miri(Lee Da Hae) ride the subway to get to the location of their simple date.

During a quick break, Lee Da Hae asked Park Yoochun if he could buy her a drink from a vending machine. Park Yoochun didn’t have any money on him because he was filming and gave her the excuse, “It doesn’t work. The 10,000 Won bill won’t go in and we can’t use a credit card. I really wanted to buy you a drink though.”

When Park Yoochun joked, “I’m not thirsty. We can just swallow our spit,” Lee Da Hae replied by saying, “I think we really are so poor.”

Netizens who saw the video stated, “He’s a conglomerate successor but he can’t even buy his date a drink because he doesn’t have a 1,000 Won bill,” and “It’s nice because the atmosphere on set looks great between the two.”

Source: [tv daily]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net


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