Park Yoochun & 2PM: The Power of Idols? Surviving the attack of “I Am A Singer”

Posted: June 28, 2011 in k-pop love, Micky Yoochun
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110620 Park Yoochun, 2PM – The Power Of Idols? Surviving The Attack Of “I Am A Singer”

Park Yoochun and 2PM have survived midst the explosive popularity of MBC’s “Sunday Night – I am a Singer.”

Once the news was revealed that Park Yoochun would be singing for the OST for his drama, MBC TV’s “Miss Ripley”, and the song “This Empty Place Is For You” would be released on 21 June, it immediately became one of the top-searched words among the netizens. 2PM, who released their 2nd album “Hands Up” on 20 June was also ranked as one of the top searches on the internet.

Park Yoochun’s group JYJ and 2PM are both popular idol groups. Therefore, it  was totally expected that their new song releases would gain attention. However, the program “I am a Singer” has changed the rules of the entertainment industry.

Since March, singers other than those from ‘ I am a Singer’ have not been able to survive in the online world. For the past three months, all the songs from the program have always been the top ranking songs on online music charts and online search portals’ ‘most searched phrases’ have usually been related to ‘I am a Singer’.

Currently, 2pm’s “Hands Up” has taken the top spot in most of the online music portals. Given it’s popularity, if Park Yoochun’s “This Empty Space Is For You” is released on 21 June, it will most likely be ranked highly on the real-time music charts as well.

Park Yoochun’s “This Empty Space Is For You” is a melancholic ballad reminiscing about a woman he loved, and 2PM’s “Hands Up” is made up of strong beats and an infectious melody, leaving a deep impression on listeners.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + TVreport]
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