JaeJoong during the ending of the World Tour: “Believe in us till the end”

Posted: June 28, 2011 in JYJ
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110627 Ending The World Tour, JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong Says, “Believe In Us Till The End”

The curtains of JYJ’s 2011 JYJ World Tour have finally closed with the group’s encore concert in Gwangju.

Starting in Bangkok, Thailand on April 2nd, JYJ traveled to ten cities in seven countries of Thailand, Taiwan, China, Japan, the United States, Canada and Korea. Member Kim Jaejoong even took on the role of the director of the Asia leg with the concert concept ‘Creative Challenge’.

7,000 fans attended the Gwangju encore concert and the fans could not hide their sorrow that it was the last concert of the JYJ World Tour. JYJ gave their fans something to laugh about as they acted out a parody of a KBS 2TV ‘Gag Concert’ corner that they’ve confessed to watching often.

Kim Jaejoong said, “As this is our last concert, I want to be one that gives us lots of close interaction with our audience and isn’t one that feels too structured. JYJ have even planned some surprise events,” and “Support us and believe in us till the end.” He was met with sincere applause and support from those at the venue.

Park Yoochun added, “We haven’t had many opportunities to show our talents to you all, but performing in the World Tour concert has been the most fun that I’ve had since debuting as a singer,” and “Though each member is busy with his own individual activities, we will not lose our center as JYJ and we’ll greet you all again next time with another great concert.”

Kim Junsu said, “Rather than us pouring in our energy to this World Tour concert, we’ve received so much energy from our fans. I really want to sincerely thank our fans and I hope we end this year on a good note.”

JYJ’s agency C-JeS Entertainment stated, “The 2011 World Tour Concert, which has showcased JYJ’s infinite potential, has ended in success thanks to the support of fans all over the world,” and “Please anticipate the three members’ individual activities.”

The excitement of JYJ’s Gwangju encore concert will be aired on KBS 2TV’s ‘Live News Feed(생생정보통)’ on the 28th.

Source: [mydaily]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net


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