JYJ to repay the fans for their support through the Gwangju Encore Concert; KBS2 to air JYJ’s concert

Posted: June 23, 2011 in JYJ
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110622 JYJ To Repay Fans For Their Support With The ‘Gwangju Encore Concert’

To repay their fans for their endless support, such as selling out the recent Busan concerts, JYJ(Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) will be holding an encore concert.

On the 26th at 7pm, JYJ will be holding the ‘JYJ WORLD TOUR CONCERT IN GWANGJU’ at the Yeom Joo Gymnasium and greeting their domestic fans once more.

JYJ stated, “We are thankful to have met so many domestic and international fans at all our concert venues since April, when we started in Thailand, Taiwan, and China, then flew to Canada and the United States to finally end in Korea,” and “We were able to show a wide variety of our talents through this world tour by singing songs from our worldwide album as well as other self-composed songs. As we have much affection for this world tour, we are happy to be able to hold an encore performance.”

After the encore concert, JYJ plan to focus on their individual activities. Park Yoochun is currently playing the role of Song Yoo Hyun in the MBC drama ‘Miss Ripley’ while Kim Junsu will be participating in the encore performances of the musical ‘Mozart!’ at the Opera House in the Seongnam Arts Center till early-July. Kim Jaejoong is currently looking over possibilities of entering the domestic drama industry and is planning to greet Korean viewers soon.

An interview with the members, as well as clips from the concert, will be aired on the 28th through KBS 2TV’s ‘Live News Feed(생생정보통)-Entertainment Generation’.

Source: [osen]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

JYJ to Hold an Encore Performance to the World Tour. “Will Show the Best Stage.”

In order to repay the support of the fans, the male group JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) will have an encore concert.

JYJ has sold out the previous Pusan concert. On the coming 26th at 7pm in Kwangju’s Yunju Comprehensive Gymnasium, JYJ will hold “JYJ World Tour Concert in Gwangju” and show off to the domestic fans once more the world tour stage.

JYJ relayed their hearts of thanks: “We are thankful that we were able to meet with not merely Korean fans but also fans who came from many different countries of the world—not merely from Thailand, Taiwan, and China, but also from Canada and the USA’s 4 cities and Pusan. This world tour is a concert that we are especially fond of because we can show you many sides of us through the world wide album and self-made songs.”

The concert will be revealed through KBS2’s “Sang Sang Jungbo Tong” that will be broadcasted on the 28th. Because it has become known that the interviews by the members will also air, it is gathering much anticipation.

On the other hand, JYJ plans to concentrate on solo activities after this concert. Park Yoochun plans to meet the viewers through the MBC Monday-Tuesday drama Miss Ripley. Kim Junsu plans to meet the audience through the beginning of July through the encore performances of the musical Mozart! That will be held in Sungnam Art Center Opera House. Kim Jaejoong has become known to be positively examining the appearance on a domestic drama.

Source: TV Daily
Translation Credit: JYJ3


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