Miss Ripley: Yoochun confess his love to Lee Da Hae, making her officially his woman

Posted: June 22, 2011 in Micky Yoochun
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110621 JYJ’s Park Yuchun confess, in Miss Ripley, his love to Lee Da Hae, making her officially his woman

Reminding his late mother of Miri, Yu Hyeon thinks he loves Miri and exerts himself to the utmost to throw an amazing, surprise birthday party for her, so he asked for some help to Hee Ju, a friend of Mira.

Yu Hyeon prepares full baskets of roses, a wide variety of color balloons and ribbon bands decorated in the Mira’s room, and a two-tier cake on which even some congratulatory words are engraved. When Mira entered the room, however, she happens to catch the moment that Hee Ju and Yu Hyeon have a pleasant time together. With a clearly disappointed look, Mira almost drives them out.

Hee Ju and Yu Hyeon tries to resolve Mira’s misunderstanding: Hee Ju leaves a long letter for her; Yu Hyeon calls Mira to a fabulous restaurant. Yu Hyeon says, “I’ve thought hard about the situation. I think you took it wrong.” Mira cunningly responds, “I thought that you fooled me in Jeju Island.”

Yu Hyeon strongly refutes, “I’m not that kind of a person. I’m not fooling around. I’d like to go out with you with marriage in mind. After a few days, I want to take you to my parents.” Mira accepted his proposal, started playing double – Previously, she approached to Jang Myeong Hun, played by Kim Seung Woo, to be hired in the hotel and now has been in a relationship with him.

On the same episode of Miss Ripley, Jang Myeong Hun prepared a proposal in a Catholic church for Mira. With a resonating chorus of children, the proposal sounds pure and sincere.

By Kim Ju-a (idsoft3@reviewstar.net)

Source: Reviewstar (Original article in Korean)
Photo from Reviewstar
Translated by: Geum Jae / Korea.com
Shared by: JYJ3

  1. ripley says:

    he finally confessed! can’t wait to watch them.

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