Hayato-san reveals himself & blogs about JYJ taking a bath

Posted: June 16, 2011 in JYJ
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Hayato-san Reveals Himself (a little^^) and Blogs About JYJ Taking a Bath

The last episode of the charity event

I just wrote “last” based on my choice (smile).

Don’t expect a joke or something funny… actually it’s a prediction.

Before I start,

Many of you wonder what or who is Hayato?… it seems many of you carry this question.

C-Jes?… Zak… which of them?

There was even a rumor that I’m a fictional character…

So let’s do this by the rule of elimination.

I am not a person related to C-Jes,

I am not a person related to Zak either.

What on earth am I exactly?… a person with what kind of standing I wonder?…. with what kind of privileges and involved with what?… wasn’t I the marketing planner of 3hree Voices?… originally, I don’t have the authority to this marketing planner title…

I got dragged into it–

Yes, that is the best way to say it.

At the beginning I got to know the situation surrounding JYJ.
Last year, at the time ‘that situation’ happened as well, surely I was around the involved persons.
Like a person watching a movie, overflowing with feelings, during the situation I was there.

What everyone had witnessed, the bent and distorted dema (T/N: abbreviation of demagogy) that was reported, I was there in the middle of the truth.

But, delivering the truth is difficult–
Because it will also be seen as a lie.

So, I got involved in making 3hree Voices.
Without filming the whole thing, I had to deliver their true forms–
To deliver their feelings to their fans,
I participated in the form of supervising the planning.

My condition for participating was that I will do it voluntary (T/N: without pay) … That was my determination.

As you know, I have other business so I wanted to be involved comfortably without the tension that having interests (T/N: monetary interest) would create.

Yes, at the beginning it was just like that but… before I realized it had already became like this.

So, who dragged me into this? .. Let’s leave this be a mysterious character that this way, connects me and JYJ

Mysterious person X

This introduction turned out to be very long.

Now the main question

– 7th of June.

Right now, the afternoon part (T/N: event) is about to start,
I reported in the blog about how they did the rehearsal seriously.
On the day of the event as well, they rehearsed almost until the doors opened.
That was the reason the event started a little late, it seems.
Now waiting impatiently for JYJ to appear at the venue–
But, will they really appear?… I wonder if there weren’t any worries?

Suddenly the venue turns dark.

All at once the voltage (T/N: excitement) rises–
Standing as one–
Pen-lights are shaking–

One after the other, the 3 are introduced on the screen to transform the venue into excitement.

Around that time, person X was with the 3.
Now, to send them off with care and to cheer them on,

Shook hands with each of them.

At that moment,
It became clear that their condition was not usual–
With extreme nervousness the situation became overly serious.

What happened?

Up until now, never seen this form of the 3 before

During the MC Junsu said it right–
“It’s been a while since I’ve been nervous… but it’s the good kind of nervousness.”

But in order not to let us feel this nervousness, they sang and danced perfectly.

The sensations in the guest seating were magnificent.

One point

Time for the evening event, it seemed there was leftover time so we heard the 3 acting out a comedian dialog.

Ryōgoku Kokugikan–
As you all know, it is the location where Sumo wrestling events are held.

By the way, did the 3 take a shower?
Or did they take a bath?

It seems like they entered the bath of the professional sumo wrestlers.

According to the staff member who is starting to be an interpreter, K-san, the 3 who get along well with each other entered the bath together

After that, kya kya kya kya, laughter and conversation was heard from inside, it was very cute, very charming…

It’s very relieving to see the nervousness disappear and the 3 to go back to their usual selves.

After living this crazy day, the 3 went the next day to Narita to return to their country.

Still, while we’re thinking about yesterday’s charity event, they are already performing the concert in Busan right..

Like everyone is saying, I wish they would take care of their health.

Source: Hayato-san’s Blog
Translation Credit: @As0or83 and ShootingStarJYJ

  1. Boys will be boys lol… Hahaha entering the bath like Sumo wrestlers. I am now seeing each of them come through the door grunting and getting down into a sumo pose with a towel on *falls off of my bed in laughter*

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