110611 JYJ Make Busan Alive.. 20,000 Fans Flock To JYJ’s World Tour Finale In Busan

Busan is alive thanks to JYJ’s concert, which will be held on the 11th and 12th at the Busan Sajik Indoor Gymnasium. 3,000 international JYJ fans will be flying in for the performances and hotels and department stores are delighted at this abnormal surge of tourists in Busan.

■World Tour Finale in Busan

JYJ have chosen Busan as their final destination after touring major cities in Thailand, Taiwan, China, Canada and the United States. This has fans more interested in the last performances than ever before. Though the 4-day JYJ concert tour package in Japan costs 3 million Won, 1,000 Japanese fans have signed up for it.

On May 27th, the 20,000 tickets for the JYJ concerts in Busan were sold out in 15 minutes. JYJ chose Busan as the final location of their world tour mainly for their Japanese and Southeast Asian fans.

The charity work of the Japanese fans who are attending the concert also drew much attention. 2,000 fans in seven Japanese fanclubs ordered 1.5 tons of rice to donate in JYJ’s name. A representative of Dreame, in charge of congratulatory rice stands, stated, “Orders are still coming in and we expect about 2 tons of rice to be collected for the cause.”

The names of the Japanese fans who participated will be written on a large banner, which will be placed near the entrance of the gymnasium along with the stands. JYJ are planning to donate the rice to social welfare centers in Busan.

■Hotels and Department Stores make special preparations

The Nongshim Hotel, which is the closest hotel to the concert venue, will be occupied by JYJ, representatives of C-JeS Entertainment and their concert crew. This has the hotel employees on high alert. The hotel plans to change the room that JYJ will stay in into the ‘JYJ Room’ and market it later on.

The Busan Lotte Hotel has been chosen as the location to pick up tickets for the JYJ concert, meaning that a total of 35 tourist buses (45 seats) will assemble in front of the hotel on the 11th. The 200 rooms in the hotel were already all taken up a month ago and all the hotels in the Haeundae region are already packed. Thanks to the neighboring Shinsegae Centum City and easy-access public transportation system around it, the Centum Hotel’s 300 rooms have been reserved by 500 Japanese fans.

Department stores and duty-free shops have become busy as well. To draw those who come to pick up their tickets at the Lotte Hotel to the duty-free shop, Lotte Duty Free has prepared 1,000 complimentary clear files with JYJ’s pictures on them. Lotte Department Store and Shinsegae Centum City are strengthening their available services with additional training for their employees as well as preparing translators for foreigners. A representative of Lotte Department Store stated, “As a large number of JYJ’s Japanese and Chinese fans will be visiting Busan, we expect sales to increase.”

Source: [kookje news]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

  1. Nature Republic here in Nampo-dong was PACKED. People were leaving with huge bags full of merchandise. Also, NII was packed in Lotte where I work. I brought my friend there to buy a t-shirt. She is a JaeJoong fan but by the time we got to the cash JaeJoong posters were gone. They only had Junsu and group pics left lol.

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