110613 JYJ beautifully concluded world tour in Busan, continuing their undefeatable popularity legend‏

JYJ (Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu) successfully drew their world tour to a close with the performances on the 11th and 12th of June at Busan.

C-JeS representative Baek Chang Ju said on the 13th, “Themed as Kim Jaejoong’s ‘Creativity Challenge’, JYJ World Tour Concert in Busan has attracted 17000 fans and the two nights of concert were completely sold out.” The arrival of JYJ increased the occupancy rate of Busan’s hotels until most hotels were fully occupied, proving again JYJ’s alarming popularity.

The biggest attractions in Busan’s concert were the individual member’s solo stages and the interactive stage shared between the fans and members. The 3 members of JYJ displayed their unique vocals through ‘I Love You’, ‘I Can Soar’ and ‘Still In Love’ and the agile choreographs of the female dancers also showed a different charisma.

Park Yoochun’s solo stage of ‘I Love You’ attracted all the audiences with his vocal and the visual effects from the performance of the female dancers. Singing with his good vocal and the natural skinship interaction with the female dancers, it greatly emphasized the matured manly charisma. Kim Junsu who has great singing skills showed his usual awesome live singing ability with ballad ‘I Can Soar’, showing an atmospheric stage accompanying with neat choreography by the female dancers. The last R&B song “Still In Love” rang between Kim Jaejoong and the female dancers, the choreograph and the lyrics that sketched the unrequited love presented a mythical stage effect.

First time performing in Korea, the song ‘A Song Without A Name Part 1′ left a deep impression with performance of Park Yoochun’s rap ability. Due to the lyrics that he wrote while reminiscing about the past events, it has caused a controversy. It was the first time to see fans deeply attracted into his rap. After that, Kim Junsu and Kim Jaejoong’s sad renditions of the song left many fans in tears. Park Yoochun’s performance was completed within the fans’ cries. Lastly, Kim Junsu’s monologue re-stabilised the atmosphere but as the song ends, the fans were moved to tears once again.

During ‘Found You (Chajatta)’, Park Yoochun shouted, “Found everybody!” and appeared, making every fans laughed. JYJ and fans singing together of “Saranghae” displayed the interactive stage shared between singers and fans. Park Yoochun dedicated the final part of the lyrics to all the fans with “Thank you all for standing by JYJ”.

The concert also revealed JYJ’s self compositions, ‘Boy’s Letter’ blended the three splendid voices; During ‘You’re’, JYJ went running around the stage, interacting with fans though eyes; Kim Jaejoong collaboration with Park Yoochun for ‘Get Out’ is a strong tempo dance song, although it was not being revealed till now, fans were able to sing along, pushing greater heights to the live atmosphere.

Towards the end of the concert, JYJ said, “This world tour allowed us to see with our own eyes that there were many fans who came and this made us felt blessed. Thanks a lot to Korean fans who have always loved us. Last week at the Japan concert, we thanked the Japanese fans who waited over 1 year for us but Korean fans waited us for 2 years. Everyone right here are not audiences but our family. We will continue to create JYJ or individual activities in order to meet with everyone and will work hard in growing to be a more mature JYJ.”

JYJ’s new song ‘In Heaven’ was Busan concert’s farewell song and the central stage gradually became a round-shaped with the 3 members deeply looking at each other, drenched in perspirations, delivering the last song with their best effort.

credit: koreastardaily
trans by: Rachui@sharingyoochun

  1. Jeannie says:

    Come back T.T we miss you already.

    Untitled Song Part 1 left me with goosebumps. I had no idea what he was saying but the tone and intensity of Yoochun’s voice was fierce. Finally, on Monday evening I looked at the translation and bawled my eyes out. Aisssh… We love you JYJ!

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