Yoochun’s ardent tears performance turns Ripley set solemn

Posted: June 13, 2011 in Micky Yoochun
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Ripley Park Yoochun, Ardent Tears Performance Without NG’s! Film Set Solemn.

Actor Park Yoochun showed off his ardent emotional performance to make the film set solemn.

Park Yoochun, who is showing a heated acting as Song Yoohyun who is the second generation of a chaebol (T/N: extremely wealthy) family, plans to induce the viewer’s tears by his performance on the 5th episode to be broadcasted on the coming 13th—his eyes to shine with tears in visiting his birth mother’s grave. To play the birth mother of Park Yoochun, actress Yang Migyung made a special appearance.

Song Yoohyun currently has a happy family with his stepmother Lee Hwa, but inside has an ardent heart for his mother who passed away when he was young. Song Yoohyun who visits his mother’s grave with a bouquet of flowers remembers the happy times he spent with his mother when young and becomes sentimental.

An affiliate gave high marks to his tears performance, saying that “Park Yoochun’s tears performance was ardent that the atmosphere was solemn.” According to this affiliate, Par Yoochun showed off a tears performance as soon as the filming began to get an okay sign without any NG’s as he put himself into the emotions before the performance was due.

On the other hand, “Miss Ripley” is making expectations rise as the Zhang Miri – Zhang Myunghoon – Song Yoohyun love triangle, the end that Zhang Miri’s like will bring, and the conflict between Zhang Myunghoon and Song Yoohyun over the running of the hotel gather attention.

Source: ENews24
Translation credits: JYJ3


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