JYJ: The representative IDOLS of Korea are reborn as its representative ARTISTS

Posted: June 13, 2011 in JYJ
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The Representative Idols of the Nation, Reborn as the Representative Artists of the Nation

Indeed they shone the brightest on the stage.

JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) who visited Pusan in order to hold the finale of the World Tour after touring Thailand, Taiwan, China, Canada, and the United States was artist who lacked nothing to captivate the fans who filled the concert hall.

The performance began at 8pm which was an hour later than the planned time due to the problems of stage installments and such. When the curtains drew as a video containing the images of the members alongside an exciting beat and an extravagant laser show, the venue instantaneously became filled with heated enthusiasm.

The Sajik Indoors Gymnasium in which the concert was held was dyed in red early on. The audience who had waited for their stars watching their breath were instantaneously sucked into the songs and the brilliant performances of JYJ as if a spell that could not be broken were cast on them. The stage was set so that there were circular protruding stages on each side of the centered main stage. It was a structure that allowed for the complete usage of the space of the gymnasium.

In the audience it was easy to find not merely fans who can from Asian countries such as Korea, Japan, China, and Taiwan, but also those who flew from Europe and the Americas. It was possible to catch the glimpse of couple-fans holding hands, a mommy-fan who had come with her child, and the aunt-fans who have established themselves as an axis of the new fandom. In particular, that one could meet quite a few male fans was a clear difference from the concert of other idol groups.

The JYJ members who had finished the world tour successfully looked much more relaxed (than before). However, their unique irrepressible energy was unchanged. They released explosive power from the first stage to the degree that they became soaked with sweat. They ruled the stage, sometimes softly and sweetly like a lover’s whisper, and sometimes with a fierce beat that seemed to burst the heart.

Charisma and sex appeal co-existed and perfect singing ability and performance became one. Even so, the cuteness and it that could instantly clear the nervous energy of the viewer shined. The solo stages made it possible for one to verify the appeal and ability of each member in one glance. Time to time they used choreography high on the mature scale to “train” the fans.

As such, the members of JYJ poured out all attractiveness that they could show on stage without sparing anything. Nonetheless, the 120 minutes of concert was too short and Sajik Gymnasium was too small for one to see in full the abilities and passion that they possess.

The performance was bursting with life to the degree that one could not take off his eyes off the stage for one moment. The audience cheered, clapped, stomped their feet, and communicated and communed with the members. The fans lent their bodies to the music and raved to the exciting stage and they became one with the members.

The “Fallen Leaves” event that colored the whole gymnasium in yellow was a sight. The performance of “Be My Girl” that made the gymnasium shake as the entire audience followed the choreography made the concert reach its climax. It was in itself a massive and splendored march (T/N: literally, military-dance).

However, what made this concert even more memorable was that the sincerity of JYJ towards its fans were relayed to the audience unaltered. Their thankful heart for the fans who had hurt, worried, resisted in the fight against the unfair world and had cried and laughed with the members melted unaltered on the stage.

The part in “Found You” in which “Thank you JYJ for coming to my side” was screamed to the audience seemed as if it actually meant “if you do not change we also will not change.”

Around the time of the concert’s end, Jaejoong asked the audience: “You wish that we had more concerts, right?” Jaejoong promised: “We will do our best so that in the future we can let you hear even better songs and that we can use this as an impetus to further grow. Next time, we will visit you with a better stage.” The fans are already counting down the days on which that promise will be fulfilled.

Source: entpost
Translation credits: JYJ3


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