JYJ Turns Pusan Upside Down! Hotel Makes JYJ Room, Lotte Makes JYJ Gifts; Japanese Fans Donate 2 Tons of Rice

JYJ Is On the Air—Pusan Jumping Jumping 

Japanes Fans to Donate 2 Tons of Rice

In-City Hotels Filled; Distributors Booming

World Tour’s Finale in Pusan. For a 2-Day Concert 20,000 People Gather.

Due to the concert of the idol group JYJ that will be held in Pusan’s Sajik Indoors Gymnasium on the 11th and 12th,  Pusan is getting excited. Because it seems that about 3,000 foreign  fans of JYJ such as the Japanese fans will visit Pusan for this concert,  the hotels and the department stores are basking in as if it is the  special season.

World Tour Finale to be Held in Pusan

JYJ chose as the final city of their  tour after the five cities in Thailand, Taiwan, China, and the US to be  Pusan. Therefore the interest of the fans are more heated than for any  other performance. Even though a 4-days 3-nights concert travel package  from a travel agency in Japan reaches 3,000,000 KRW (approximately 3,000  USD), about 1,000 people registered for it.

Prior to this, the tickets for the JYJ Pusan Concert that began to be sold on the 27th  of last month from 8pm completely sold out—20,000 tickets within 15  minutes of ticketing’s start. That JYJ chose Pusan as the location for  their final tour stop was also to be considerate for the fans of Japan  and Southeast Asia.

The good deeds of the fans of Japan also  catches the eye. The members of 7 fanclubs in Japan numbering about  2,000 have currently ordered about 1.5 tons of rice and plan to donate  to JYJ. An affiliate of Rice of Je Dreamy, a rice garland business,  said: “Even now the orders are continuing and we expect that about 2  tons will gather.” The names of the Japanese fans who participated in  the donation will be written on a large cloth and will be placed in  front of the concert venue along with the rice garland. JYJ plans to  give the donated rice to a societal relief organization in the Pusan  area.

Hotels / Distributors Flash Season

The employees of Nongsim Hotel, which is  closest to the concert venue, has gone into emergency work system on  the day as the members of JYJ (Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu)  and the affiliates of the agency C-JeS are staying there. The hotel  plans to make the room that JYJ stayed in into the “JYJ Room” to utilize  in marketing.

Pusan Lotte Hotel has been picked as the ticket-distributing place for the JYj concert tickets and it is planned that on the 11th,  thirty-five tour buses (45 people each) will gather in the hotel. This  hotel has already has ceased taking reservations a month ago for its 200  rooms. The hotels that are around the Haeundae (T/N: Pusan’s beach)  area are also seeing their rooms run out. Sentum Hotel, thanks to the  effects of the Sinsegye Sentun City which is the vicinity’s largest  department store and convenient transportation, has had 500 Japanese  fans book about 300 rooms.

Department stores and Duty-Free shops  have also become busy alongside the above. The Lotte Duty Free store, in  order to lure the customers who visit the Lotte hotel in order to  receive their tickets to the Duty Free store, has prepared as gifts  about 1000 clear files that has JYJ’s photographs. An affiliate of the  Lotte Department store said: “Because JYJ fans of Japan and China are  visiting Pusan en masse, we are looking forward to an increase in  sales.”

Source: Gukjae Shinmun
Translation Credit: JYJ3

  1. Jeannie says:

    I might check the price of the rooms they stayed in just for information sake. As for tickets. I managed to get into the second concert a half hour before it started. They were selling A, B and C section tickets due to people canceling / switching their seats.

    However when I got inside my ticket was a duplicate. Someone was already sitting in my seat and they had the same ticket that the stadium had just sold me. So about 15 mins of complications I found an empty seat beside an older fan (40’s) and sat there. It was fine.

    I have pictures and a video of some of the rice stacks with banners and flowers for JYJ…

    Here’s the video:

    [video src="http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v418/drummerchickie/JYJ/?action=view&current=DSCF4384.mp4" /]

    (I forgot I took it ><)

    Enjoy :)

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