Yoochun with looks prettier than Lee Da Hae?

Posted: June 8, 2011 in Micky Yoochun
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110606 Park Yoochun, With Looks Prettier Than Lee Da Hae?

Lee Da Hae leans into Park Yoochun’s arms, acting out a hugging scene that renders the audience unable to breathe.

[Contains Spoilers]

In the upcoming episode of MBC’s new drama “Miss  Ripley,” there will be a scene where Park Yoochun saves Lee Da Hae, who  is being chased and holds her as she shivers in fear, lightly stroking  her in consolation.

In the drama, Jang Miri makes a clean break from her dismal past in  Japan, and comes to Korea to escape from the clutches of Hirayama, and  to start a new life. However, she sees Hirayama, who has come to Korea  to capture her, and flees in fear.

From the first time Song Yoo Hyun sees Jang Miri at the dormitories,   he had already taken a liking to her. He happens to see Jang Miri as  she is fleeing, and runs after her to help, saving Miri from a dangerous  situation. Then, he holds the scared and upset Miri lightly in his  arms, calming her down. This can be considered as the first scene where  Song Yoo Hyun expresses his liking for Jang Miri.

On 16 May, it was said that Lee Da Hae and Park Yoochun were at some  train station in Seoul, and had spent over 8 hours filming intensively  for the sake of this chasing scene. The timing of the train departing ,  Lee Da He fleeing, and Park Yoochun’s entrance had to be exactly  executed, so the actors had put in a lot of effort to make this scene.

For the sake of the commuters of the train, it was impossible to stop  the trains just for a shoot. Therefore, a perfect mutual understanding  in timing between the two actors was required. Lee Da Hae and Park  Yoochun had practiced numerous times to establish the understanding  before starting the actual shoot, receiving praises from the production  crew on scene.

Also, the two actors had to continuously run, then switch to a  hugging scene in an instant, so it was hard to get the feelings right.  However, Lee Da Hae and Park Yoochun showed a “perfect harmony” and  managed to get the director’s OK without any NGs.

The production company said, “In the opening scenes of the drama,  from the moment where they met for the first time at the study  dormitories, Song Yoo Hyun had inexplicably fallen for Jang Miri, who  had his birth mother’s eyes,” and “Jang Miri has always been cold  towards this boy from the dormitories, Song Yoo Hyun. After this scene,  please look forward to whether she manages to start a “love line” with  Song Yoo Hyun, or otherwise.”

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + TVDaily]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net


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