Junsu wins the “Popularity Award” at The Musical Awards for 2 consecutive years

Posted: June 8, 2011 in Xiah Junsu
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Kim Junsu, Wins the Honor of Winning “The Musical Awards” Male Actor Popularity Award for Two Consecutive Times

Kim Junsu overtook distinguished musical stars and won the Popularity Award for two consecutive years on “The Musical Awards.”

In the Awards Ceremony for the 5th year of “The Musical Awards” that was held on the afternoon of June 7 in Sejong Culture Center in Jongro, Seoul, Kim Junsu of the musical “Tears of Heaven” had the pleasure of winning the Male Actor Popularity Award.

“Tears of Heaven” is a large work in romance that portrays the great love of a man that oversteps fate. In the musical, Kim Junsu is the male lead “Jun,” one of the Korean army that was dispatched to Vietnam. He meets a Vietnamese woman through coincidence and gives everything because he falls in a larger-than-fate love with her. He received praises due to showing acting overflowing with charisma and singing.

Kim Junsu, who unfortunately could not attend the ceremony due to the Japanese concert of JYJ World Tour, relayed his acceptance speech through a video.

Kim Junsu revealed the fact that if he did not win the Popularity Awards the (acceptance speech) video would not be able to be broadcasted, and said: “Because this is an award that the public gave me this year too after last year and therefore I think this is a meaningful and valuable award to me. I thank you and because I will work hard in order to become a great actor who is fit to receive this award, I ask for your love and attention.”

Source: Newsen
Translation Credit: JYJ3


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