Yoochun aims for the female heart with top tuxedo fit in “Ripley”

Posted: June 6, 2011 in Micky Yoochun
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“Miss Ripley” Park Yoochun Aims for the Female Heart with Top Tuxedo Fit

Park Yoochun of the MBC Drama “Miss Ripley” will show off his unique tuxedo fit.

Park Yoochun will display a classy tuxedo fashion on “Miss Ripley” that will be broadcasted on the coming 6th. In the drama, Song Yoohyun comes to attend the dinner party held at Hotel “a” in a tuxedo. There is afterword that Park Yoochun’s broad shoulders, called “right angle shoulders,” made the slim fit of the tuxedo stand out even more.

An affiliate of the producer relayed: “Park Yoochun is 100% handling the role of Song Yoohyun who has a variety of attractive points such as the handsome looks and being also top-class in manners.”

On the other hand, “Miss Ripley” is a drama in which a lie that a woman tells inadvertently bears other lies and puts her in a crisis in which she may lose everything.

Source: Sports Chosun
Translation Credit: JYJ3


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