Five key reasons why “Ripley” should not be missed

Posted: June 2, 2011 in Micky Yoochun
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110530 Five Key Reasons Why “Miss Ripley” Should Not Be Missed

(Repeated Information Omitted)

From the use of “social issues” as its concept to the drama planning stage, as well as strong cast members and press conference, there has been a lot of buzz about “Miss Ripley,” but what kind of work is “Miss Ripley” exactly? We will now reveal one by one, the five points of attraction for this classic melodrama that has shaken Korea, “Miss Ripley.”

◆ An integration of “Social issues that rocked Korea”

In 2007, the “resume forgery” incident caused a great uproar in Korea, starting with a debate about one person’s “resume forgery,” which led to several famous people being forced to go public regarding the truth about their own education history, and also brought to light other social problems that were put up in public forums during this time. Korea’s societal view that the academics is everything, the corruption of the financial sector, and the society’s disregard for principles etc. Anyone who lives in this world would have gone through or been hurt by such issues, and all of the abovementioned social problems were present in the said incident.

“Miss Ripley” is about lie that was told by one woman, which led to her mistaken success, and also gives a realistic interpretation of the unjust rules that have been deeply embedded within society.

 ◆Lee Da Hae, who unabashedly shows the greed and desires of humans, and Kang Hye Jung, the embodiment of innocence.

In “Miss Ripley,” Lee Da Hae plays a character who “Lies so that she can live, and reaps great rewards because of it. However, she is not satisfied and shows more greed and desire,” the role of Jang Miri. Lee Da Hae said that at the beginning, she worked really hard to express the role of Jang Miri who “struggled to escape from living hell.” Wearing a red wig and tight-fitting outfits, running barefoot around the Japanese city center and such, Lee Da Hae focuses her entire being in acting, and her transformation is the most important point to notice in the drama.

Also, Kang Hye Jung, who has returned to the acting scene after 4 years, is increasingly piquing the audience’s interest with her transformation. Kang Hye Jung with her unique acting style will be playing the role of the innocent and adorable Moon Hui Joo, showing a pure and carefree side. The two ladies’ passionate performance will heighten the excitement of the drama.

◆Kim Seung Woo and Park Yoochun, the perfect image transformation!

Kim Seung Woo has shown various different images through dramas and movies. In this drama, he plays a man suspended in a loveless marriage, who later finds true love, the role of hotel manager Jang Myeong Hoon. Kim Seung Woo had said, “I really wanted to act in a classic melodrama, and I will realistically express the interpretation of a deep love by someone in their 40s”

Park Yoochun, who successfully played the character Lee Seon Joon in 2010, will be taking on the role of the “flawless” modern day Prince Charming, Song Yoo Hyun. Song Yoo Hyun is warm and kind, and firmly believes that Jang Miri, who “makes use of him for her own success” is the true love that he needs, and cannot help himself. In this second role, how will Park Yoochun convey the emotions of love and pain for his character? This is something to look out for.

◆Realistic representation of managing a luxury hotel

A top-class hotel with a luxurious atmosphere and rich culture. People who are in control of the 21st century world economy, culture, trends and other markets gather at this hotel in the city. With such a hotel as the background, a story about the career and love between the employees managing the hotel unfolds, and the greed and romance that lies behind the magnificent successes and failures are realistically expressed. Set in a hotel where all kinds of people come and go, the management staff fights for the survival of the hotel, and through this drama, we can see their honest emotions.

 ◆Choi Myeong Gil, Song Jae Ho, Jang Yong… Aided by the presence of veteran actors! Detailed completion of the drama!

We anticipate the heavyweight performances of Korean veteran actors, which helps the viewers immerse themselves in the drama. In the show, Jang Yong is the CEO of the global resorts conglomerate, Choi Myeong Gil plays the role of Park Yoochun’s mother, Song Jae Ho is the director of Hotel “A”who values Kim Seung Woo greatly, Kim Na Woon is Kim Seung Woo’s close friend and colleague, etc. These veteran actors create a strong backing, increasing the well-roundedness of the drama.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + DongA]
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