JYJ discusses their growth as artists through their world tour

With just two more stops to go in their two month-long world tour, JYJ recently sat down with Star Today to reflect on their tour thus far.

Jaejoong, who’s also the director for their Asian tour, began, “I aimed to create a stage that allowed artists to express their full potential. I paid special attention to understanding the culture of every city we were performing in and to converse more directly with our fans there. It was extremely heartwarming to see my thoughts come alive at every concert through our fans, and it’s definitely a thrilling experience. I’m thankful for everyone who came to see us.”

Junsu continued, “Bravo! I love it when the crowd shouts that. We’re with the best choreography teams for our American stops. They’ve worked with stars like Beyonce and Christina Aguilera, so the happiest moment for me is when they gave us a thumbs up and when staff members praised our live’s harmony. Because our staff members have worked with world pop stars, I do weigh their opinions more heavily. I’m glad that they feel our potential.”

Yoochun added, “The more time passes, the stronger we’re getting. I can feel that we’re growing and moving towards a better direction. With every new concert that we complete, things start to come together and the level of perfection gets higher. This world tour makes my heart swell with pride.”

Jaejoong finally concluded, “The tracks that we composed for our world tour are receiving a lot of love, which makes me proud. We hope to grow as artists that continue to make great tracks under the name of JYJ, and hope to meet more fans across the globe.”

JYJ will be concluding their American tour in San Jose on June 3rd before concluding the tour altogether in Busan on the 11th and 12th.

Source + Photos: Star Today via Nate
Credit: Allkpop


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