110527 JYJ’s Busan Concert Sells Out In Mere Minutes

Ticket reservations for JYJ(Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu)’s Busan Concert have ended in success.

The 16,000 seats of the ‘Busan Sajik Indoors Gymanisum’, reserved on June 11th and 12th for the ’2011 JYJ World Tour in Busan’ performances, were sold out in mere minutes since the opening of reservations at 8pm by Interpark.

Fans who were unable to get tickets for JYJ’s performance were seen sighing and voicing their misfortune. JYJ’s agency changed the date for ticket reservations numerous times, but fans had high expectations for the show nonetheless. This event proved once more just how popular JYJ is.

Fans who were unable to purchase tickets seemed to be in denial as they said, “How could the concert be sold out when the window wouldn’t even load ㅡㅡ The window should have at least loaded, geez”, “This makes me wonder if the Japanese really did buy seats in bulk ahead of everyone else and sold them at premium prices” and “The Sajik Gymnasium is so close to my house so I could have gone ㅜㅜ But I can’t because I couldn’t get tickets ㅜㅜ.”

On the 26th, JYJ’s agency released an official notice that stated, “We will postpone ticket reservations for a day due to certain circumstances related to the concert venue,” and “Director Jeri Slaughter has stated the need to change the seating arrangements so we ask for the understanding from fans.”

Source: [artsnews]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net


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