‘Mozart!’ who has made a comeback: 4 person & 4 colors of different appeal

Posted: May 26, 2011 in Xiah Junsu
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‘Mozart!’ Who Has Made a Come Back, 4 Person 4 Colours of Different Appeal

Last year, the musical ‘Mozart!’ which created a new record has once again found its way to the encore stage. This time round, extraordinarily, 4 male actors have at the same time been casted for the role and they will be performing with 4 different colors of their very own appeal.

▶4 person 4 colours Mozart! =”Im TaeKyung is gentle and Seom SeHan has good acting skills. They were able to express the lyrics of the songs very well.” (‘Mozart’ Director Yoo HeeSung)

Im TaeKyung, a musical actor of 7 years and a cross over tenor , is a star in the musical world who has then attracted lots of female fans. He’s just like a genius arts performer. He acted the troubled Mozart role in between that of his 2 characters. Carry forward from the pervious year, he is standing on the stage for the second time as Mozart and he said Mozart is like “a messanger who is here to speak of the voices of the heaven” and “Although he’s a genius who has created many masterpiece but actually he’s also one who has issues with communication with otheres. That’s why though the music, he expresses his feelings and stories to others.”

Im TaeKyung, who seems to have a face that reflects of a certain circumstance and  a pair of eyes of that of a tender deer that captures the hearts of woman, oddly has of much resemblance to Mozart. Perhaps that’s why the feelings of Mozart he expresses is very much unique. Im TaeKyung who has over this period of time gained many experiences from those roles he was given, aggresively went to audition for Mozart. For the first time, he has a certain greed for this work piece ‘Mozart’ and gained a starting point though not a cross over tenor but as a musical actor.

JYJ Kim Junsu’s Mozart has come back too. Director Yoo HeeSung gave a favourable comment saying, “At first we name him as the ’musical whiz kid’ but, now it isn’t exaggerated to call him as ‘musical genius’. His speed of picking up the acting is amazingly fast and he adapts quickly to environment.”

We should remember clearly that it was musical that lit up the darken days when Junsu came out of TVXQ and formed JYJ as a new starting point. To him, ‘Mozart’ held the meaning of a brand new start. Actually the performances this time round was tight with JYJ’s packed schedules and it was difficult for him to act but because Junsu insisted that he wants to act, he thus took part in the musical. He explained that, “Because it is ‘Mozart’, I want to do it again. It was Mozart which came along under the circumstances when I need to make a comeback. (Mozart) This work is the medium of this society.”

Junsu’s unique husky voice searched around looking for the colour for Mozart. His husky voice as his organ has, instead, made the musical sounds ​​vocalist more fruitfullyfeatured. Including the distinctive voice of the deep emotions, the strong point was Junsu who truly wanted to act his way of Mozart.

[…many parts not related to Kim Junsu omitted…]

[… description about Mozart has also been omitted…]

Source: Herald Economy
Translated by: inhye87 of withJYJ


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