Why is only the date revealed for JYJ’s Japan Charity Concert and the venue undecided?

Posted: May 25, 2011 in JYJ
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Why is only the Date revealed for JYJ’s Japan Charity Concert and the Venue undecided?

There is only a concert date and no location. It is not a guerilla concert either. It is a fee concert that can only be seen if one buys a ticket with money.

A situation that is not comprehended upon first glance is actually taking place. I am writing about JYJ, the team of Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, and Kim Junsu, and Japan’s charity concert.

JYJ is holding a charity concert on the 7th of next month. This concert was planned in order to help the victims of the earthquakes that took place in last March in Japan. However, the agency C-JeS Entertainment has only revealed the date of the concert and is currently not revealing as to where it will be held.

The story is like this. JYJ, which was formedout of members who withdrew from TVXQ, had originally planned to hold this performance in Yokohama Arena and had sold tickets. However they received a sudden notification from Yokohama Arena that the rental of the venue was impossible. The agency changed the location to Saitama Arena, but this time too had to receive a notification of the cancellation of the rental contract from the venue.

This situation is related to Avex, which had been in charge of JYJ’s in-Japan activities. It has become known that Avex, which announced JYJ’s ban on Japanese activities last October, has sent official documents requesting that the venue not rent to JYJ upon hearing of the news of this charity concert. At this, JYJ’s agency, with the event organizer ZAK corporation, submitted a petition for injunction in Japan’s District Court last month, arguing that “Avex’s response to interfere with the proceeding of the concert is unjust.”

Although the situation has become such that the renting of the venue has been cancelled multiple times and the concert has become impossible to hold, the agency decided to push ahead with the concert.

An affiliate of JYJ revealed: “The new venue for the concert has been decided. The location will be notified soon to those audience members who purchased tickets through SNS. It is an outdoors venue and not an arena-style venue that we originally planned and so there may be problems with the sound but in thinking of the fans who wish to see (JYJ) we decided to push ahead.”

Director Paek Changjoo of C-JeS Entertainment entreated through its official Japanese website: “We ask that you think of the significance of this concert not as a one-time event but rather a signal that begins JYJ’s future Japanese activities. Even if the venue is lacking and weak, we wish that you will trust in our sincerity and support us.”

On the other hand, on the 7th of next month in Kyosera Dome of Osaka, a K-Pop collaborative concert is planned to be held and TVXQ made up of UKnow Yunho and Max Changmin will participate. As such, coincidentally enough a battle between the members of TVXQ will be taking place in Japan.

Source: Chosun
Translation Credit: JYJ3


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