JYJ, Self-glowing On a Dark Stage Self-cam ‘It’s Supremacy’

3-man JYJ’s supremacy visual lights up the dark stage.

On the 23rd May, Kim Junsu uploaded on his own Twitter a picture with words stating, “Yes, in the end it’s JYJ”.

The three of them stood in a line on the stage side by side. Park YuChun is wearing a sleevless white shirt and thus revealing his infamous ‘right angle shoulder’. Kim Junsu, with his hair and short height is eye-catchy and Kim JaeJoong is wearing his fur hat even though it was a hot weather and a long top with his trainings. (T/N: Junsu is NOT short! He’s just shorter of the trio. T_T Plus, it was cooling over there unlike the coming summer weather in Korea. T_T)

Neitzens commented saying, ” A superior threesome.”, “We are able to tell who’s who even though the face cannot be seen clearly.”, “Park YuChun’s shoulder is the one that’s the most eye-catchy.”

JYJ is in the midst of their North America tour and there’s a concert at LA on the 27th May.

Source: JoongAng Daily
Translated by: inhye87 of withJYJ


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