Jung Chanwoo: “Junsu, who’s suffering because of TV appearance restrictions, be strong!”

Posted: May 25, 2011 in Xiah Junsu
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110521 Jung Chanwoo Says, “Kim Junsu, Who’s Suffering Because Of TV Appearance Restrictions, Be Strong!”

We asked Jung Chanwoo, who now has over 50,000 followers, to pick a special connection that he has.

In reply, Jung Chanwoo talked about Kim Junsu, who he recently followed and was followed back by.

May 19th was buzzing with KBS’ TV appearance restrictions on JYJ, and Kim Junsu soothed his fans worried by tweeting, “I woke up this morning and saw that some articles have been released on this and that..! Let’s just be a little stronger^^ Okay!? Don’t be upset.. because they’ll eventually recognize us and believe in us^^ Until then, as long as we don’t let go of the thread that connects us to each other, we’ll be happy~ I’m always thankful!”

Following this, Jung Chanwoo followed the idol star on Twitter and left him a message of support that read, “Be strong, Junsu. It’s Cultwo’s Chanwoo hyung. Hwaiting.” Kim Junsu replied by following him back.

Jung Chanwoo laughed and said, “Though I know many stars on Twitter, I end up talking to my fans more. I’m happy that I’ve become Twitter friends with Kim Junsu, but I’m a little sad because I’m sure my tweets get buried under all the tweets he receives from fans.

Source: [donga]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net


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