JYJ members talk about their musical tastes, favorite songs and music videos

Posted: May 24, 2011 in JYJ, Kim Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu
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JYJ Members Talk About Their Musical Tastes, Favorite Songs, Music Videos

Asia’s Star JYJ, Their Tastes

The “Performances of a Lifetime” that Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, and Kim Junsu Picked.

It is said that if one cannot avoid it, then to enjoy the ride. The recent direction of JYJ (Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, and Kim Junsu) is exactly like that. As soon as they gathered, without sparing a moment for a breather, they released their first world wide album “The Beginning” which they put in their own effort, and also has stepped out for a world tour in six months. Perhaps due to the inborn qualities and a long-term training, even if it is a short period they have not stepped out of line and is continuing their music activities smoothly. However, this direction which looks to be with ease form the outside is actually as fierce as a wild animal that fights for its survival with tooth and nail.

I met them on the past 3rd in Thailand in which they opened the doors of their World Tour. They seemed to be enjoying the composure that is available to those who have survived in that fierceness. The three members were dignified, stately, calm, and composed. The members joined each other in saying: “In fact, to release an album and then to tour the world was something that was tremendous to us. Because we were trying to do everything in a lacking situation we had to be very alert. If we lose our concentration for just a moment we can have everything that we have built up until now collapse. We are heading forward extremely carefully.”

The Thailand concert was a scene in which one could newly see the real side of JYJ. That all of the members show off a clear singing ability is “basic.” The ability that show a talent in composing, writing and creating is “necessary.” Kim Jaejoong’s directing ability that allows him to himself take the role of the executive director of the stage is “choice.” As much as this they poured out abilities that were varied and of different colors. Above all, the cooperation and harmony of the members who tightly united in their mentality was top-notch.

They who unbuttoned the first button of the World Tour. They seemed to be experiencing anew the taste for the performance as the tour progressed. Therefore, Interpark prepared—we were curious as to what are the performances that they like, who are the musicians who have affected their musical lives, and what are the songs that they are recently listening to. We guide you to their musical taste that is being revealed for the first time through Interpark.

The performance of my Life

Kim Jaejoong“O” Show. There was a Las Vegas performance in the last American tour. Because I have a deep interest in directing I came to look into many performances. Among them, the “O” Show remains in my memory the most. One could say that it is the largest show that one can create on this earth because so much content that one could not even imagine poured forth. In particular, because of the large aquarium-style thearer, it was a performance that could only be seen in Las Vegas and so it was even more special.

Park YoochunSolid Concert. I remember it to be around 1996. The first performance we went as a family was to that of Solid. Solid was at the time such a skills-oriented group in R&B so that there was so much attractiveness within the performance itself. Above all because it was a performance that we saw together as a family it was more meaningful and stayed in my memory longer.

Kim JunsuBeyonce’s Performance in Korea. I knew her singing ability and performing ability due to hearing of them so much, but when I saw her stage for myself it was really fantastic. When I saw it live, the performance that was more than my anticipated imagination was unfolding and so I was even more surprised.

Musicians that Influenced Them

Kim JaejoongRodney Jerkins. He is a musician that I came to meet through last summer for the first world wide album of JYJ and is someone who is greatly influencing my songwriting works.  From the attractiveness as a person who works on his songwriting with fun and pleasure to the abilities that enable one to feel a beat and tempo of his own, I think he is an amazing producer in many ways.

Park YoochunCho Yongpil. Perhaps because I like the analog sensibilities, I listen to the LP of Lee Seunghwan or 015B. However Cho Yonpil is someone that I respect even more than that and would dare to have as a role model. That is because, fitting of the name “singer of the public,” he is a true musician who takes over the stage in emitting the heated energy.

Kim JunsuBrian McKnight. I think that he may be the best musician in the R&B world along with Stevie Wonder. He influences when I sing and when I work on songs. There are many times in which I had a good idea while listening to his music.

Music Recently Being Listened To

Kim JaejoongAz Yet. I listen often the songs of Az Yet that were released in 1996.

Last night

Time to end the story

Every Little bit of my heart


Through My Heart (The Arrow)363954

I Don’t Want to Be Lonely

Park YoochunPark Jiyoon. The acoustic mood of the songs are perfect to listen nowadays.

You are like a tree

To the faded memory

Kim Junsu: Kanye West. After I finished the musical I am now embarking on the world tour as Xiah Junsu the singer, and I seem to listen to pop a lot when I rise on the stage. I put away the vocalization of the musical actor for a bit and to find the vocalization proper for a concert I listen to pop and R&B a lot.

All Of The Lights


Devil In A New Dress


The Music Videos I Found

Kim JaejoongLady Gaga, “Telephone!” It is a great music video through which you can sneak a peek at the witty spark unique to her. As usual there are parts that shock and I really loved how many factors that allow ones to feel the appeal of the music video were directed to show sensually.

Park YoochunMichael Jackson, “Thriller.” I don’t think I need to say much since this is such a legend… but it is so excellent as to make one think, was this really a music video that was made in that era. The newest version of “Thriller” which is in the “This is It” DVD that he prepared before he left the world is also very shocking. Michael Jackon’s music videos were always the best and I think they are all “masterpieces.”

Kim JunsuUV “Itaewon Freedom.” Isn’t this music video popular nowadays? The music video is really on the level of a legend and I think this is a performance by a cool team that has good abilities in many ways. The lyrics really come into your ears and the melody is also so great and I think the music video is also really funny and unique.

Source: InterPark
Translation Credit: JYJ3


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