Did KBS lie about official statement regarding JYJ’s non-appearance on shows being written before February?

Posted: May 22, 2011 in JYJ
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Original Poster on KBS Submits Evidence Showing that KBS Lied About Its Response Being Pre-February

T/N: One of the many lies that KBS told in this debacle is that the writing was actually “from February”– see here. It is unsurprising that this was a lie, but the original poster who prompted KBS to make the first offending statement has come back with proof that KBS’s position from May 17th was not from February at all.

This is a translation of her post at the KBS Viewer Bulletin:

I am the person who posted about JYJ-Music Bank matter. Head of the Variety Department, please announce an official explanation for your deeds.

I read the articles and your official statement and in it—

I sent my e-mail/writing on February 25, 2011.

But Why! Do you say that it was something that was a mere organization of a writing sent prior to February that took place only now?

The time at which I sent off the e-mail/writing was definitely after the court decision of February 17.

You are lying.

You have deleted my prior post, so I am posting again.

Please check.

—– (T/N: The original post and the official response by KBS follow.)

2TV [Music Bank] Requesting the Answer and Reason Behind Why JYJ Cannot Appear on Broadcast

Viewer’s Opinion [Registered Date: 2011.2.25]

[Original post by viewer]

[KBS official response]

Prior to May 17, 2011, there was no correspondence regarding the February 25thwriting. I received a phone call on May 17, 2011 and only then I received the e-mail/writing.

I had asked you the question on February 25th, after the February 17th court judgment, but why do you change your words as if you received my question before February?

As a fan and a regular viewer, I without fail want to receive an explanatory official announcement.

Make an official announcement.

Make an official announcement as to your position with regards to the lie.

I request very strongly.

JYJ is the representative Korean Wave star who bring prestige to the nation as honorary ambassadors and as artists.

But the content (of your announcement) that speaks of them as if they were an axis of evil is incomprehensible to someone who is a fan and a viewer.

From the contents of the court decisions, there were no reasons that JYJ should not be able to appear whatsoever. I also ask an official announcement of your position on your disregard for the court decisions.


Here is the capture of the page:

Source: KBS Viewers Bulletin
Translation Credit: JYJ3


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