Can the promise between KBS and JYJ be kept?

Posted: May 22, 2011 in JYJ
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110520 Can The Promise Between KBS And JYJ Be Kept?

The ironic situation of Park Yoochun being unable to appear on MBC variety programs despite participating in the filming of MBC drama ‘Goodbye Miss Ripley’, the scandals arising from KBS rejecting JYJ’s appearance on Music Bank, among the Korean celebrities, nobody is more debated than JYJ.

None of the music programmes allow JYJ to stand on the stage. Even if they insist that there are no restrictions whatsoever, there are still no programmes found that allow JYJ to participate in the broadcast.

There is no direct evidence that can show that SM Entertainment, JYJ’s previous management company, pressurised broadcasting companies. However, it is the reality that no broadcasting company is willing to let JYJ, the group situated in the center of the controversy, stand on stage.

YJ is rated as the new model of idol celebrities. Unlike other celebrities who place their looks above all, JYJ puts their singing abilities as the basis, having equal improvement and development in both performing and singing aspects. Also, each member’s musical talent is equally outstanding, with their composing and lyric-writing abilities being showcased, and JYJ Kim Jaejoong was even the concert director of their world tour, exceeding beyond idol singers to be true artists.

Additionally, Kim Junsu’s recent version of ‘That Man’ received a huge amount of attention, despite the background music being different from original singers Baek Ji Young and from drama ‘Secret Garden’ ‘s Hyun Bin, Kim Junsu’s unique voice stood out.

Even so, we are still unable to see these singers, who are acknowledged as one of those with the best vocal ability among idol celebrities, appear on music programmes. This can only be seen as the audience’s loss. What the audience hopes for, is for JYJ to be able to appear on the music programmes, to at least give them a chance to compete.

Coincidentally, in regards to the JYJ-Music Bank controversy, KBS revealed, “The programme’s regulations is that whether an artist can appear (on Music Bank) is decided by whether they released an album. JYJ did not release any albums after 17 February. That is why they are not eligible to appear on the programme. The authority to select singers to perform completely lies with the staff of the program. The staff will decide on their appearance based on JYJ’s future album releases and activities.”

To this, JYJ already has a chance to get rid of the broadcast restrictions place on them. Recently, JYJ began their North American tour, bringing 4 new songs, and they will also wrap up the world tour in Busan in June. If JYJ releases an album with the new songs then, KBS will have to do like what they said, following the programme regulations and allowing JYJ to appear on the broadcast.

It is difficult to tell if JYJ, who left their previous entertainment company, is successful or not based on the current restriction on their activities. It is definitely not right to judge them as failing before giving them even one chance to perform.

If JYJ’s musical ability is lacking, there will not be any need for a restriction on their activities. The audience’s unwillingness to listen to them will be the biggest condemnation.

This is why the right for the public to judge JYJ’s songs cannot be snatched away. Additionally, what KBS mentioned about the risk of adversely affecting the cultural industry, is not because of JYJ’s broadcast appearance, but due to the unfairness of the chances (to appear on the broadcast). This point should always be remembered.

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