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Posted: May 20, 2011 in Micky Yoochun
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110519 Miss Ripley Main Cast – Interviews

The press conference for MBC’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Miss Ripley” was held at the Banyan Tree Hotel at 11am on 17 May.

At the moment, three of the broadcast stations are airing romantic comedies, and “Miss Ripley” will be the only melodrama, which brings to the audiences the greed and pretense that human beings are capable of. We meet the four main characters during this press conference. They play roles that were very different from what they have done in the past, and therefore the actors too, are excited to meet with the audiences.

Below is the Q & A session with Kim Seung Woo, Lee Da Hae, Kang Hye Jung, and Park Yoochun

 (All other cast interviews have been omitted – Names have been abbreviated for the interview)

Park Yoochun reprises the role of a wealthy heir, “I really wanted to act in a true melodrama”

When you received a large number of scripts, how did you select this role?

YC: I really wanted to challenge a melodrama. I was the last one to be confirmed for this drama, and when I saw the seniors that have been confirmed, I really wanted to appear with them, so I told (Representative Baek) , “I want to participate (in this drama.)” I hope to hear things like “His acting has improved since his first project.”

In Sungkyunkwan Scandal you were playing a “perfect” role, and this time it is also the role of a “perfect” heir to a conglomerate, are there any similarities between them and your actual character?

YC: In actual fact, I prefer simplicity. I avoid going to expensive restaurants, unless there is a special occasion, otherwise I wouldn’t usually go. I usually go once a year with my mother. I don’t really like these things…..Yutaka is similar to me in this way.

 Are there any similarities between you and this role?

YC:  Yutaka’s first scene in the drama is the scene where he returns to the country. He will present himself on screen in a friendly and polite matter. When he has some spare time, or when he is naturally polite, you can see the environment where he grew up in. However, this is not to say that he has no troubles, but it is due to a painful incident in his past, that makes him what he is now.  This is my favourite part (of the role) and I hope that I can express this part (of him) well.

Due to your previous project, you managed to gain a lot of older female fans. Do you think this will be the case this time?

YC:  Compared to other issues in this drama, I want to commit to the acting. I will be working on this project with a learning mindset. Compared to my debut work,  the responsibility has become greater.  This is something I’m very concerned with.  I am not “switching to acting because my singing activities have been restricted,” and I am really serious about acting as a profession. I started out as a singer, but once I start acting, I hope to do a good job of it.

By the later episodes of “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” we could see that you had been overstretched. How do you intend to manage your physical condition this time?

YC: There is no way of managing it. I really have no time to concern myself with my physical condition. Once I immerse myself in a project,  I concentrate all my energies on it, and even though it can be tiring, or exhausting, but I still find it interesting. Even if I don’t get enough sleep, I’m still really happy.

We understand that you have to use a lot of Japanese in this role. Were there any difficulties?

YC: Speaking Japanese is not difficult, however when speaking in another language, the tone changes. When speaking in Japanese, Park Yoochun’s tone of voice appears, instead of Yutaka’s . Therefore, I am very cautious about this, and I’m working on it.

The 4 main casts’ “Worst Lie Ever Told In Their Lives”

SW : Saying that “I’m not interested in popularity.” When I was younger, I said many similar things, but as an actor, ultimately, it is always about the love for acting. I think many actors think the same way.

DH:  Little slips of paper for cheating. When I was studying in Australia, I secretly cheated using little slips of paper. Because there is a lot more freedom in Australia compared to Korea, and even though we cheated together, we scored zero marks, and from then on I decided never to make those little slips again. When I was cheating, I felt like my heart was going to fall out onto the floor.

HJ: The lie that I most often tell is when people ask me “Have you eaten?” and I reply “Yes~” I always feel like if I say that “I haven’t eaten,” there will be many issues that arise, so for convenience sake, I would lie and say that I have eaten.

YC: I often say such lies as well.

The 4 main casts’ “Ripley’s Viewership Ratings”

SW: Saying that “I’m not interested in ratings” would be a lie too! I’m really interested. My first goal is to top the viewership ratings, among the terrestrial broadcast channels’ and their competing works.  For the first episode, I hope to get a double digit rating.

DH: Even if we start off as no. 1, I hope that we won’t end up as no. 2! I hope that the viewership ratings will keep rising.

HJ: I hope that we can get double digit ratings right from the first episode.

YC: I would just like it if we never dipped below a percentage once we hit it.”

MBC’s new Monday-Tuesday Drama “Miss Ripley” (Screenplay: Kim Sun Young, Director: Choi Yee Seob) is a story about a woman who happens to tell a lie, which leads to a string of lies which eventually leads to destruction. It will be aired on 30 May, after “The Duo.

(T/N:  The translator is not responsible for the discrepancies in information between interviews/articles)

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