JYJ, to KBS: “Thank you for promising that we’ll appear on Music Bank upon album release”

Posted: May 20, 2011 in JYJ
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Yeah! Go C-Jes and JYJ! I love how they use the words of the other involved party to their advantage. Now KBS are pressured to stay true to what they said and allow JYJ to perform on Music Bank once they release an album. :p

JYJ, to KBS: “Thank You for Promising that We’ll Appear on Music Bank Upon Album Release”

To the official position of KBS that stated that the reason that JYJ  was unable to appear on “Music Bank” was that the album release did not  materialize, JYJ’s agency revealed its position: “We thank KBS for its  official position that once JYJ releases an official album, KBS will let  JYJ appear.”

JYJ’s agency C-JeS Entertainment revealed on the afternoon of the 19th:  “At the action of the broadcast company refusing the appearance of an  artist regardless of many reasons, the artist in fact cannot help but be  the weaker party. As the court has acknowledged in February and as put  down a judgment for compensation for interfering with activities, SM has  sent to JYJ’s album producer Warner Music official documents (to hinder  it from releasing a JYJ album). As such there are many mountains to  climb before JYJ’s official album. However, we will overcome these  invisible external pressures for the fans and show off an official  album, and at that time we wish to visit the viewers through Music  Bank.”

Continuing, C-JeS added: This current situation is one in which  whether JYJ’s can appear or not was not the point but rather one in  which on a public bulletin board an incorrect statement that damages JYJ  had been posted. Therefore we wish that you correct the statement so  that the viewers do not misunderstand. We also wish that you would think  about this chain of events from the perspective of the viewers.”

On the 19th, KBS revealed through a writing it posted on  its cyber promotional room regarding JYJ’s TV appearance that: “The  reason JYJ could not appear on Music Bank was that the release of album  did not materialize. The selection of the appearing artists is the  inherent right of the producing crew. We will evaluate whether JYJ  appears or not according to the future activities of JYJ such as an  album release.”

Source: Donga
Translation Credit: JYJ3


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