Japan’s Consumer Agency to investigate Avex causing JYJ’s exclusion from Oricon

Posted: May 19, 2011 in JYJ
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Japan’s Consumer Agency to Investigate Avex Causing JYJ’s Exclusion from Oricon

T/N: JYJ Their Rooms, the Japanese community that organized the Demand Letter, has published the following entry on its blog:

The Activities Of the Café/Community, Report No. 1

Everyone, we are always thankful for the  (support) for the demand petition and your valuable opinions. We are  always taking into consideration your opinions. We wish to maximize the  meaning/effect of these valuable opinions and your signatures.

We are examining many options and we report one among them.

Yesterday, we telephoned the Consumer Agency regarding the matter of Oricon.

In truth, we had already called  (someone) when the JYJ products were excluded from the Oricon rankings,  and had received the answer of “we heard that there are no problems  because it is not a product that is different from its markings.”

Therefore, we were preparing ourselves for receiving the same answer when we called (the Consumer Agency).

However,  the Consumer Agency said that: “Are you saying that Avex sold the JYJ  products when (it is saying that) JYJ’s activities are suspended? That  is a contradiction.”

Also,  we asked the agency to check the sites that seemed to be potentially  good materials, and it said: “This seems to have problems with the  markings. We will investigate.”

We received the answer that they will investigate.

Though our request for investigation is  finished with this call, for a more in-depth investigation, we will send  the Consumer Agency organized materials (for its perusal).

Therefore we had been inviting your  opinions since a few days ago. Would it be alright if we sent these  opinions together as the “Voice of the Consumer”? We do not send the  e-mail address or such information. Those that request anonymity or  those that are unrelated to Oricon will also not be sent.

Those persons who wish that their opinions not be sent, please comment under this entry.

Those persons who think that “I have not  commented yet, I will send my opinion!” should please send in their  comments within the morning of tomorrow.

The comments are limited to the matter of Oricon. We ask for your help and understanding.

This activity is not undertaken merely  by the staff of the café/community but rather through the cooperation of  many people (outside of it). We want to take this opportunity to thank  them.

We are thankful that you have helped us  in this endeavor. This was something that just could not be accomplished  with only the staff of the café/community.

We still have far to go. Thank you.

Furthermore, those who have sent us  their opinions through e-mail and such, we are taking them into  consideration. If you have opinions or suggestions in the future we ask  that you e-mail us.

The supportive messages from the foreign fans also strengthen us. Thank you.

Source: JYJ Their Rooms
Translation Credit: JYJ3


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