Yoochun receives praises from fellow “Ripley” cast members

Posted: May 18, 2011 in Micky Yoochun
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From SSTV:

Fellow cast members Kim Seungwoo and Kang Haejung give Yuchun great praise

Actor Kim Seungwoo attracted attention by praising actor-transformed Yuchun.

At the “Miss Ripley” press conference held on the 17th in Seoul  Joonggu Jangchoong-dong Banyan Tree Hotel, Kim Seungwoo stated, “after seeing Yuchun, I wondered about what I did at that age. He is a self-confident actor.”

Furthermore, he explained “when I saw Choi Seunghyun (T/N: Bigbang’s T.O.P) while filming the movie ‘Into the Gunfire,’ I wondered, ‘how can he be so serious at such [young] age?’ I  felt a similar feeling towards Park Yuchun. When you become popular at a  young age, you can get a bit big-headed, but he isn’t anything like  that.“

Furthermore, Kim Seungwoo revealed, “after seeing [Yuchun]  being serious and careful even while saying a single phrase, I can now  understand why Park Yuchun makes a good impression on women fans.  Personally, I have great expectations for Park Yuchun.”

Furthermore, Kang Haejung also stated, “at Park Yuchun’s [level], he  can probably gain much popularity by filming teen dramas, but he chose  this drama without clinging to such thought. When I see him from the  side, I can feel his desire to become a real actor.”

Furthermore, she stated, “when filming, Park Yuchun sleeps about an hour each day.  Nevertheless, he has never made a mistake with his lines. It’s probably  possible because he practices whenever he can. I envy his immersion and  attachment to his character and as a senior am also pleased by it.”

(Summary of “Ripley” storyline omitted)

Source: SSTV
Translation by: withJYJ
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From Arts News:

Kim Seungwoo, “there are many things to learn from Yuchun”


[Kin Seungwoo] highly praised [Yuchun], stating “unlike other young  people, [Park Yuchun] is serious and seems to worry about acting. I’m being greatly influenced by [Yuchun] always giving off bright energy and always working hard.”

On this, Park Yuchun put on a shy smile and created a warm atmosphere  by replying, “I saw Kim Seungwoo senior first amongst the lead actors.  He is much more nicer and considerate than how he appears on dramas or  entertainment programs.”


Source: Arts News
Translation by: withJYJ
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From Dailian:

Kang Haejung lavishes Yuchun with praise… Yuchun is a well-mannered, “Soft City Man”

Actor Kang Haejung named actor Yuchun as “Bu-Do-Nam” and lavished him with various praise.


Kang Haejung revealed Yuchun’s (who is known as a mannered-man amongst actors) true self, “Yuchun is a Bu-Do-Nam (T/N: Kang Haejung is shortening a phrase into 3 letters here. Bu is the first part of the Korean word meaning “soft,” Do is the first part of the Korean word meaning “city,” and name is the first part of the Korean word meaning “man”). It means soft city man. In the drama, Yuchun plays an heir to a hotel who is a charismatic leader, but to people around them is well-mannered and soft. And in fact, at the set, Yuchun really has manners ingrained in him. When I see him, this character isn’t something he is acting, but feels like is mirroring his everyday lifestyle.”

Furthermore, Kang Haejung expressed her love for Yuchun, who is still a rookie actor but tries his best on set, stating“Yuchun sleeps one hour a day and switches back and forth between his singer and acting activities, but I have never seen him make mistakes on his lines on set. Because it’s a come-back piece after a long time for me, I continuously make mistakes and often forget my lines entirely… but when I see Yuchun, I’m amazed by his ability to remember all the lines and have to keep asking [how he does it].”

At this, Park Yuchun attracted attention by replying modestly, “I actually don’t have great memory, but when I have something I like, I become completely immersed. Right now, because I like acting, I think I have fun despite being tired. I really like meeting senior actors on set, and am having fun shooting because the atmosphere on set is good.”


Source: Dailian
Translation by: withJYJ
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