Yoochun: “I want to appear on entertainment shows, but it keeps getting cancelled”

Posted: May 18, 2011 in Micky Yoochun
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Yuchun, “I want to appear on entertainment shows, but it keeps getting cancelled”

JYJ’s member and actor Park Yuchun (25) stated he “does not put too much weight” on the frequent cancellation of [his appearances] on entertainment programs.

Park Yuchun participated in the new MBC Mon-Tuesday drama “Miss Ripley’s” press conference held on the morning of the 17th at Seoul JangChoong-dong Banyan Tree hotel.

“Miss Ripley” is about a woman, sick of her life at the bottom [of society], that lies to grab an opportunity and the completely new life and destruction that begins as a result.

In the drama, Park Yuchun plays Song Yoohyun (Yutaka), who dreams of success through his own values, and passionately acts out the heir of the resort who feels true love towards Jang Miri (Lee Dahae), a character that approaches [him] for her own success.

Park Yuchun, who is trying his second challenge as an actor through “Miss Ripley” after his success in his first drama “SKK Scandal,” probably has twice the pressure and twice the determination. For that reason, he must make his bid in terms of acting and promoting. However, unlike other stars, Park Yuchun cannot use entertainment programs on national broadcasting networks as a promotional medium.

Yuchun’s appearance on entertainment program was non-existent as [a member of] JYJ and even as “Miss Ripley’s” lead actor. It was partially because of a busy filming schedule, but it’s true that some have viewed it to be because Yuchun is “JYJ” that he can’t appear on such programs.

On this, Yuchun showed a calm appearance, stating “I want to appear on entertainment shows. It often doesn’t work out but I don’t make anything of it.”

For Yuchun, he revealed that he more sorry that the drama overlaps with “JYJ” World Tour than appearing on entertainment shows. Park Yuchun revealed his honest thoughts, “Last year, “SKK Scandal” and concert plans overlapped as well, so I had the greatest hopes that it wouldn’t overlap this year. I’m most sorry that I can’t focus on one thing.

Park Yuchun, who is working through a filming schedule which prevents him from sleeping even one hour, expressed his thankfulness and sorriness for his fellow actors more than himself, stating, “without meaning to do so, I’m sorry that everyone might be worn out because of me.”

(One-sentence summary of Ripley omitted)

Source. Sports Seoul
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