The meaningful feat of those who broke the music industry’s “success formula”

Posted: May 17, 2011 in JYJ, k-pop love
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The Meaningful Feat of Those Who Broke the Music Industry’s “Success Formula”

That an artist who has released a new album announce his/her comeback  through a music program is a long-established formula of Korea’d music  industry. Each broadcast company created one program in which the most  recent popular songs were gathered and  arranged a passage through which  the songs could become known. However, there are some who has created a  storm of popularity in breaking the pattern of “release – appear in  ranking programs – success.” The most representative example of Im  Jaebum, who has gone up as a candidate for First Place on KBS 2TV’s  “Music Bank” with a song he released 11 years ago. New light is being  shed on its musicality through MBC’s “Our One Night—I am a Singer” and  it is writing a new history of success in the music industry.

As long as the Sensibilities are Relayed/Connected…

When the artist Im Jaebum became a candidate for First Place on KBS’s “Music Bank” for his hit song “For You” on the 13th,  the media was singularly shocked.  Im Jaebum did create a craze with  MBC’s “Our One Night—I am a Singer,” but that a song that was released  11 years ago became a candidate for First Place on a program on which it  never appeared is something that is worth paying attention to.

Furthermore, the unusual scene of Park Bom of 2NE1 who stayed in  Second Place becoming more of an issue than Park Jaebum who took First  Place also unfolded.

Park Bom released her new song “Don’t Cry” but did not rise on the  stage of the broadcast companies. With merely the music videos and  digital music she began her activities but achieved the feat of  conquering #1’s on various digital music sites such as Melon, Monkey3,  and Kaon Chart. Even in the midst of the wavering of the popularity of  idols as the music of MBC’s “I am a Singer” swept the charts, Park Bom  uniquely stayed in the upper ranks and stood out. Monkey3 revealed:  “Park Bom is the first female singer to take first place for two  consecutive weeks on the weekly charts this year.”

The singer K.will also gathered attention by becoming a candidate for  First Place on KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank” last 2008 without appearing on  broadcast. He showed off his powers by having his names go up on the top  of the charts before he rose on the stage, in the situation in which he  was anticipating performing on his come back stage after he released  his new song “Love 119.” At the time his agency also showed the response  that they were “surprised that he became a candidate for First Place  without even appearing once.” This was a case in which the artist  succeeded in captured the ears of the public without a extravagant stage  but with just good music.

Aim for OST, CF

Paek Jiyoung, who stands out as having caused many OSTs to become  hits, is also a singer who has caused people to be moved with just her  voice. She swept the digital music rankings with the OST of the SBS  drama “Secret Garden” that was aired last December, “That Woman.” Paek  Jiyoung has also gathered popularity before by singing the soundtrack  “Don’t forget” of the KBS 2TV drama “Iris.” Paek Jiyoung, who has  revealed that she “does not sing purposely sadder because it is a  recording of an OST,” has become (among) the most sought-after with  songs that preserve their moving quality without performing on music  programs.

JYJ, who is suffering setbacks  in its entertainment activities due to a conflict with its former  agency, proved its unchanged popularity through an OST. Not only did  “Found You,” an OST of last year’s KBS Drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,”  take first place in various digital music rankings, it also became a  candidate for First Place on KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank” and caused much  surprise. They have not once appeared in Korea’s music programs after  the conflict but showed off their uncooled popularity.

In 2009, 2NE1’s Sandara Park rose to the top of the digital music  rankings through her solo, “Kiss.” She became a topic of conversation by  receiving an explosive response with merely the music video and the  digital music without appearing on stages after releasing the solo song.  “Kiss” was used as the background music for a beer advertisement  Sandara Park appeared in also, and it took #1 on Monkey3 and other  digital music charts as soon as the official digital music was released.  Sandara Park, through the advertisement, displayed spunky acting that  was fitting with the lyrics of “Kiss” and gathered attention, as well.

Talent is One Day Recognized

Even though those who swallowed the digital music charts without  vigorous activities were mostly top stars, there are musicians who  created quietly a craze with outstanding skills. “Untouchable” swept the  “ring tone / coloring” section of the various digital music charts with  its new song of last January, “Just One Person.” That a hip hop duo  that is not well-known in the public has gathered great popularity  without broadcast activities became a huge issue. “Untouchable” has also  taken #1 on Mnet’s Weekly Charts with their new song “Merry-Go-Round”  last June without a single broadcast appearance.

The ballad group “Monday Kids” also recorded #1 on online charts for  digital music such as Mnet and Soribada while not having done any  broadcast activities. The songs that gathered popularity are “Shout Out  With Your Heart” and “Footsteps” which are included in their 3rd  album. The two songs side by side too #1 on different charts and  gathered attention. Instead of appearing on TV or radio, they promoted  their album solely through their music video. After they conquered #1 on  various charts they received the praise of the media as  “silently-strong artists.”

The artist Bae Dahae also took #1 on Soribada’s Weekly Charts with  the ballad song “How Could You” that was released on last February. She  is the person who captured the viewers on the “QM Choir” episode of KBS  2TB’s “Happy Sunday – the Qualifications of a Man” with her pretty  voice. At the time Bae Dahae gathered attention with the outstanding  singing ability befitting of someone who majored in voice. Bae Dahae who  proved her abilities through “QM Choir” was able to evoke attention to  the song without other particular broadcasted stages.

Source: Sports Seoul
Translation Credit: JYJ3


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