JYJ’s Music Essay ranks 2nd according to a survey on authors making the most royalties

Posted: May 13, 2011 in JYJ
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The Domestic Author who Reaped the Most Royalties in the First Quarter?


This paper, with the help of Yes24, estimated the profits of the domestic authors, centering on the new works of this January to April that received the love from the readers. Typically, the publisher, as it releases and sells the works of an author, gives a “royalty” as the fee for the author according to the number of the works sold—typically, it gives the author 10% of profits. The standards of the royalties are graduated according to the level of recognition of the author or the level of degree or participation of the work, but in this survey we calculated with 10% which is about the average all around. Further, the number of works sold were totaled based on the information released by the publishers themselves.

According to the results of the survey, Professor Kim [Nando]… reaped approximately 800,100,000 (approximately 800,000 USD) with the book “Because It Hurts, It is Youth”…

The book with the second highest profits was JYJ’s “Their Rooms: Our Essay.” According to the publisher this book which was printed in January has sold 150,000 copies as of now, and according to this the royalties were investigated to be over 400,000,000 KRW (approximately 400,000 USD). The book received an explosive response, to the degree that at the time of its printing, the publisher expressed its impressions as follows: “In the publishing industry this is an exceptional and shocking situation that is experienced for the first time only after Harry Potter.”

The third is Professor Zhang Hajun’s economics work… it has sold around 170,000 copies and is investigated to have earned approximately 251,600,000 (approximately 251,600 USD)…

(Parts unrelated to JYJ omitted)

PS: The #1 book, “Because It Hurts, It is Youth,” was recommended by Jaejoong!

[TRANS] The book I received today… It is a good book… The thoughts, heart, and environment bears yet another set of words, and from there it seems that they cause to be born many truths, results, and misunderstandings. The beginning and the essence are the same for everyone but it might be that they are deviated/degenerated through one’s environment…Also, that might be so for myself… At this late hour I look back at myself and my surroundings.

Source: City News반니
Translation Credit: JYJ3


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